Stuff From E3 2011 That Might Be Fun To Play, I Guess.

Protip: If you want the quest, you have to go to each game page individually and add them for it to count. You know, the slow way no-one uses.

List items

  • Suppose I should do this properly. Who doesn't want Skyrim? Even if it does sound like some variant of the mile-high club.

  • Aw shucks, why not. I've played almost nothing on my 3DS.

  • Might give this a few months after it's released though. Wait for those warning messages to pile up a little.

  • Oh, yeah, this guy's still around. Remember that movie Sahara with the snarky action hero, his slightly paunchy sidekick and the noble, socially-conscious heroine love interest all fucking around in the desert for two hours, that bombed horribly? That's not going to happen here, obviously, but for some reason I just suddenly recalled it.

  • Holding out for the Famine sequel. Which series of buttons do I gotta press in this QTE to make this dude really hungry?

  • It's like, when you strike, you can sometimes go too far, you know? That's when you OverStrike, and it's time to adjust your stance and hold the club a little more loosely.

  • One of the few E3 games I'm legitimately excited for. Love this series. The name seems to suggest that we'll be playing as Sly's oft-referenced relatives. Except Bentley builds a time machine at the end of 3 so maybe it involves that.

  • No fake dick should have this much power!

  • I don't know if half of these count, since I already knew about them long before E3. But the Quest wants 15 and I'm starting to struggle. I want the DLC pre-order bonus that lets me play as Russian Martian Batman. Except I think that means heading over to, and they have this weird service where they have to pre-order you first.

  • I think "on-rails section" will be this Mass Effect's "Mako Tank sections" and "Mining mini-game". No-one wants their game to be perfect, after all, as it creates too much pressure for the inevitable sequels to follow it up.

  • Can't get enough Layton clones. I mean, "I really want to know what happened with the garden gnomes Twin Peaks story."

  • It's not coming out.

  • Gotta play the first one yet, though. And like two others in the series. Falcooooom! *shakes fist*

  • Airships instead of Bathyspheres! Giant metal birds instead of giant metal divers! Antiquated political philosophies! An eventual "Infinite 2" with only 10% of the charm of the original! It's hard not to get excited about Bioshock again. But not too hard.

  • Dark horse candidate! I liked the first Risen, hope the second one improves on it.

  • Sup Rich Gallup. I heard you like it when people put this game on their E3 lists so I went ahead and did that for you.

  • Oh, but I do so love to make my little jokes.