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Tales in Ten

After beating Tales of the Abyss, the seventh game from Namco Bandai's RPG series that I've seen through to its conclusion, and writing up an extremely long blog about the game and my opinions on it, I've realised something: that for a lot of people on the outside looking in, who see these odd anime action JRPGs show up every couple years, there's not a whole lot to distinguish them. At least beyond having new names.

So for the heck of it, here's every Tales game summed up in ten words, making sure to emphasize what's unique about each particular entry. For full disclosure, those game descriptions I've marked with an asterisk (* <-- this thing. I mean, you all know what an asterisk is. He's not the little mustache guy who beats up Romans) are for those I haven't actually played, and am just going off what Wikipedia says. Mostly.

How descriptive could I possibly get with just ten words? Let's find out.

(N.B. This list is of no help to anyone actually curious about the Tales series.)

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