Terror. From. Space!

As I finish up on Asura's Wrath and move onto Mass Effect 3: Mass Effectier, I figured it's about time to address why games tend to have horrible giant monsters from the furthest reaches of space. The short answer is: "Lovecraft is a pretty cool guy. Eh writes books about space monsters and does afraid of everything." The slightly longer and less stupid answer is: An always popular direction for narrative fiction to take, especially that of video games where it has to build up to something indescribably terrible and powerful for the player to fight, is to visit man's ignorance of the greater cosmos and the types of horrors it might hold for us should we one day have the opportunity to find out for ourselves what's out there. It's why Star Trek was awesome, why X-Files was occasionally so terrifying and why Cthulhu has a plush toy.

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