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Where No Mento Has Pointed And Clicked Before

Just a list of adventure games I've yet to beat, since I've been getting into them again of late. Some of these are real bangers too, so I feel kinda bad about not playing them. Hey, why bother making a list if it won't make you feel bad about yourself?

On a serious note, I'd like to thank Kurt Kalata of Hardcore Gaming 101 for the amount of work he's put into tracking down adventure games and critiquing them, both on his site and in his book which I fully intend to purchase at some point. I wouldn't have even heard of a great many of the games on this list if it weren't for that fellow.

While I'm filling space, here are some games I've seen in an LP and have no desire to ever play them personally: Phantasmagoria (1 and 2), Scratches, Bad Day On The Midway, Bad Mojo, D (& D2), Dark Seed (1 and 2), Shadow of the Comet & Prisoner of Ice, Ripper and Rise of the Dragon.

List items

  • *Completed: 05/08/12*

    The whole Yahtzee shebang. Dude seems to know what he's talking about half the time, so I'm sure his point and clicks are something to behold. Hell, if I didn't appreciate caustic British wit, I'd be some sort of self-hating loon. Oh wait..

  • *Completed: 17/08/13*

    This seems egregious. My lack of playing it, I mean. I dropped off the adventure game scene when they all started getting too Myst-y, which meant missing out on the few gems released during that time.

  • *Completed: 28/05/14*

    Before Amanita made Machinarium or Botanicula though, those crafty Czechs made a few primitive point and clicks involving some dude in a cowl. I have Samorost 2 in my Steam pile, having been part of some ancient Humble Indie Bundle, so that's something else I could be getting on with.

  • *Completed: 31/05/14*

    It's Vinny Caravella approved, so I'll add it to the list. Hopefully the Thanksgiving Steam sale will give me a decent price for it.

  • I actually got partway through this one and got distracted (or incredibly sick of Steam games, since this was at the end of the May Madness thing I had going). I better get back to it before I forget what's going on.

  • The sequel to Longest Journey, above. Will probably play that one first. I occasionally follow the sensible course of action.

  • No excuses. NO EXCUSES.

  • Who's the bearded dude in game design that's a sex machine to ladies fine? The Schaf! Ya damn right. I've played Brutal Legend but not Full Throttle? What's wrong with me?

  • OK, I have played Grim Fandango and I'm fairly sure I completed it, but I don't recall hardly a thing about it. That's not right. Was I in a fugue state? Or am I confusing it with 9: The Last Resort, because that would be criminal and I would probably have to go to jail. I'll play through it again at some point between now and the heat death of the universe, I swear.

  • As with Grim Fandango, I've played all these before. It's still my favorite Sierra PnC series. I did just purchase the collection recently though, so I'd be up for going through them again. Otherwise I'd be wasting money with unnecessary digital purchases! And that just seems insane.

  • I was this close to sweeping up both Syberias in the Steam sale. I figured I had enough games already though. If I get through all (or most) of the other adventure games I have tucked away on Steam, Desura and GOG these games will be mine. /edit: On closer inspection, I did in fact buy both of these in the Steam sales. How does this even happen? Early on-set Alzheimer's?

  • Wadjet Eye Games, as well as making Gemini Rue (on the top of this list) and Resonance (which I completed and reviewed), also created this unorthodox game about a rabbi solving crimes. Jew know, it'll probably be a bris to play through this kosher adventure Torah-p up the series? (I am so sorry!)

  • Since I'm sweeping up Wadjet Eye games, I ought to get this collection of supernatural detective things too. GOG has it listed on their site, I just need to jump on it when they next have a sale.

  • This would be all the Telltale Sam & Max games, of which I believe there are 15 episodes (or three series' worth). That's a lot to get through, so I've been a little too intimidated to get knee deep in lagomorphs just yet.

  • And this would be Telltale's non-monkey, non-rabbit, non-wrestleman, non-agent, non-raptor, non-zombie series. I loved the movies and a good pal of mine was inspired by many a baby angel one day during the recent 2012 Fall Steam Sale to buy this five-part series for me. I'll probably do something bloggish with it. I write those sometimes.

  • I actually remember this from my Atari ST days, but I don't think I played much of it beyond a demo. It's probably not aged well (the game or the temptress) but whatever, GOG gave it to me for free. Wouldn't be difficult to get what you pay for there.

  • While I'm talking about old as hell Atari ST/Amiga games, I never did play the non-movie Indiana Jones adventure games. Weird, because the one based on the Last Crusade is one of my all-time favorites, even if it wasn't so great while you were flying planes or passing through Venetian catacombs.

  • The Infinity Engine adventure game, right? Or something like that. I got a few pages into a screenshot LP of the game before I decided I wanted to try it myself, which doesn't happen often.

  • I've been looking for a way to play this one. It's from Legend, whose games I've enjoyed in the past.

  • Same as above. They're both games with awesome sounding premises and a lot of humor. Plus I've kind of gotten used to Legend's odd (but consistent) UI. I'd easily recommend Legend's Death Gate (based on some pretty okay fantasy novels) too, and also their Xanth game (based on some really middling fantasy novels) to a lesser extent.

  • I've seen a full LP of Snatcher. Two, even, since I believe Slowbeef did a straight one with screenshots and a goofy video one with his Retsupurae accomplice Diabetus. I might still want to play through it myself one day, though I'm no MGS nut.

  • Again, I'm only sort of interested in this, not being a massive Kojima fan. Lethal Weapon in space sounds like a rad thing though, right?

  • The Dark Eye, which has nothing to do with the German D&D tabletop or any of the games based on it (which includes that one with the delusional fairy that Ryan and Vinny tore apart lately). No, this is some Edgar Allan Poe nightmare fuel that intrigued me, as nightmare fuel often does.

  • In the past I've written and supplied information about a certain Alien-ripoff game called the Orion Conspiracy on this fine site. I contacted Kurt Kalata about its inclusion in his book, and while he did not have many good things to say about it (and neither do I after recently playing it) he did point out its developers Divide By Zero have made much better games, like this one. Sounds good to me.

  • I guess this counts. I enjoyed Machinarium, but I've neglected to pick up its biological counterpart the few times I've seen it on sale or in an Indie bundle. I'm sure I'll see a desirable reduced price purchase for it again.

  • I have fond memories of the first and almost nothing for the games that came after it, which leads me to suspect I might've skipped them. Those Germans sure know how to put together a decent adventure game though.

  • As do the Spanish. I haven't played a single Pendulo game yet, but I've been mighty intrigued by the two that Giant Bomb have covered in the past. Less so for the Runaway games, but I wouldn't mind giving them a shot either.

  • It's probably terrible, but I can't say no to a game where a digitalized Christopher Lloyd gets pushed around by his own cartoon creations. I'm secretly hoping this'll be one of those games that just gets LPed to completion by Vinny and Dave, saving me the trouble.

  • A new Tex Murphy game was one of those early Kickstarter prospects that could become a cause célèbre because it came before that eventual point we've long since passed where any such project is now met with apathetic derision. I'd be a little more excited about a new one if I'd played any of the previous games in the series, so I'll stick them on my increasingly ridiculous "to do" list.

  • I still can't believe I bought this rotoscoped adventure on GOG. I mean, it's probably not bad, just not something I thought I could muster enough eagerness to purchase. I blame those popularity contest sales.

  • I know next to little about the Secret Files games, other than that there's some files and they're apparently secret? I've heard good things though and they tend to pop up in weird places, like the Wii. Aw heck, I just included them so my list would hit an even 30. It's such a nice, round number, can you blame me?