Watch me get owned by Diddy Kong.

Mario Power Tennis is pretty hard on expert difficulty. : (


I wonder how this game is doing, sales-wise. I cannot imagine what made the review scores so low, except the fact that there's nothing new and that there's no Co-Op 2 player mode (only competetive), as well as no multiplayer tournament. I mean yeah, that's pretty bad, but it still is an awesome Wii Tennis game with great controls, presentation and a lot of content.

For those who don't know: This is basically Wii Sports Tennis with 5 different swings forehand/backhand and 2 special attacks for each character, a lot of whacky courses and the ability to control the movement of your character with the Nunchuck.

It's great fun, it plays well, the control's aren't broken in the least, and it's cheap. Give those guys money, people. Am I the only one who has this?