Best of 2010

Meowayne: Best of 2010

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  • Non-explicit storytelling done right. The disappointing last third kept it from going down in gaming history, and maybe the art direction took it a little too far. Still the absolute, downright highlight of 2010 if you don't count the EU release of Shattered Memories.

  • Dear developers. We don't actually really need guns and explosions and scantily clad females everywhere in our games. Signed, the core demographic.

  • Blew my mind even though I had high expectations. This rivals Jak&Daxter and SMG for my all-time platformer hitlist. K O N G.

  • Nothing new to be said here. If you have not played this game yet you should probably consider changing hobbies.

  • The game that makes you want to punch puppies in the face. Kirby's Epic Yarn works because it makes you care about the collectibles. Think of your favorite platformers and then think of whether they awoke the completionist in you. That is why the lack of difficulty in KEY just does not matter in the end.

  • ...And while you're reading this, why not help me with this puzzle?

  • I am to this day completely amazed at how much they made programming user friendly and accessible, without neglecting the whole 'game' aspect, and without really dumbing it down. The buzz around this game quieted rather quickly. That is unfortunate.

  • Honestly Alan Wake is pretty terrible in terms of interactive narrative and has made way too many compromises to the stupidest imaginable gamer, but you gotta give them props for at least trying to establish something of a presentable canon of storytelling to the medium, and I'd rather vote for this than for things like RDR or ME2.

  • Still playing it. And playing it. And playing it. This game is like Tetris was back in the day. Magically captıvating for no apparent reason.

  • Simplistic, original, narrative-driven, effective. Relevant. A time capsule, a visual novel, a love letter to an era. If a game that almost entirely consists of going down a predetermined path punching in numbers and clicking on obvious links manages to land on these lists, you know you are in for a treat in writing.