My ten "games of the decade"

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  • I don't feel quite comfortable including this, as it is still very fresh in my mind. But there are very few games in the past ten years (all included in this list) that did "video game storytelling" so well and so right, offering a narrative that is not only well written, but also very well told interactively(!), engaging the player.

    After Portal, this is certainly the best written and most well-crafted story this console generation, so it should deserve this spot.

  • If you think about this, Half-Life 2 is pretty mediocre for a first-person action title; it only has "good" gameplay with "good" writing and "nice" interactive storytelling and player engagement.

    However, this still makes it about four thousand times better than any other action title in the last ten years.

  • Wii Sports Resort might just be the perfect videogame.

  • Objectively, this title doesn't deserve a spot in this list, because If I'm really honest, it is not that much better than most of what we see this gen, and the videogame storytelling is very weak (the movie storytelling is quite excellent though).

    But it is simply incredible what this game felt like back in the day. Not necessarily worth going back to, but still one of the few games that impressed me emotionally.

  • For me the weakest of the PSX Final Fantasies, but it's the only one released in this decade, and still better than every (J)RPG that came after.

  • There is potential in Braid that could have upped its position - mainly the fact that exposition and interaction were too much divided, to much set apart from one another. Still one of the best games I have ever played, and it has the second best ending of every videogame 2000 - 2009.

  • There are games that only after you've beat them you come to realize what a brilliant experience it has been.

    World of Goo isn't one of them. It is adorable, clever, atmospheric and very intelligent in its storytelling from the first to the last minute, and you will fall in love with it the moment you start.

  • Portal is perfect. A showcase of how to create video game worlds, characters, stories and interaction. A brilliant idea set to brilliant gameplay mechanics embedded in brilliant writing. If you need one game to restore your faith in the medium, this is it.

  • A breathtaking piece of art from start to finish. Few games have perfected the concept of "Audiovisual interactive experience" as much as Shadow of the Colossus.

  • Silent Hill 2 features horrible writing and voice acting on top of clunky gameplay mechanics. But that doesn't matter. In Silent Hill 2, every room - no, every frame even is part of the larger picture and serves the telling of the story that will stay with you. What Team Silent did in terms of covert, interactive, visual storytelling is absolutely remarkable and has not been recreated in this quality since.