My top 10 Wii games 2009

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  • Half-Life 2. Portal. Silent Hill 2. Shadow of the Colossus. Metal Gear Solid. This is the tier of games I will now gladly mention Shattered Memories in. Whatever gameplay flaws you might find are made insignificant by the best interactive storytelling in years and the creepy, effective player assessment. This game plays you, and everyone who refuses this experience is a moron. Period.

  • If you do not sit in front of your TV in amazement spending time with precise virtual swordplay or archery, you're a robot. Unbelievably entertaining. A lot of content and challenges, too.

  • Equal if not better than the HD game. I'm sorry, but that's how it is - and I loved Dead Space on the 360. Hugely immersive, interactive, well told, and brilliant fun to play. Oh, and it features the best reload mechanic in any game, ever. Sadly, it's a little short - I "only" got two playthroughs out of it.

  • Watch the giantbomb quicklook. There is nothing more that needs to be said about this game. If it had a narrative of some sorts, it could have been epic - but it's still nearly flawless as it is. I love the 2D renaissance this generation.

  • Did I mention I love the 2D renaissance this generation? I am not a huge fan of the 2D Mario platformers, but if you have played this game with three or more players like I did, you know where this game shines.

  • Never heard of it? Don't worry, few people have. Oh, it's only one of the best console RTS around, no need to pay attention.

  • Pikmin3 will have a hard time surpassing this game in polish, length and, most of all, humor. Look past the name and the boxart and discover a deep, dark strategy game that many people consider their definite Wii GOTY 2009.

  • If you have ever played a Harvest Moon game, only wanted to play "one more day" and then find yourself still playing two hours later, you will know what Rune Factory: Frontier is all about. Filled with little moments of achievement with always something to do, this game will consume you.

  • Hilarious, grotesque, satisfying zombie slaughtering, one of the best multiplayer Zombie games in existence. And yes, I have played Left4Dead. Only play this with the HotD Hand Cannons!

  • I don't usually care for these games and I have never even played any Call of Duty to completion, but Modern Warfare: Reflex surprised me. Completely intact in terms of content and design, this game features the best Wii FPS controls (and the best console FPS controls in general, if you ask me), and a perfect online Multiplayer. Few multiplat users will get this over the HD versions, and that's okay - but if you're looking for an excellent Wii FPS game, this is it.