Thoughts Post-Mass Effect 2 (possible spoilers)

Finishing Mass Effect 2 a couple weeks ago, I immediately wrote down a few disappointments I had with the game on a slip of paper. The overall strengths of the game are pretty obvious and have been praised a hundred times over, so I copy these negative thoughts here. 

Security of Romance 
  • like picking from a menu
  • high heels
  • ridiculous clothing
  • Samara most obvious
Level design 
  • linear corridors
  • obvious when combat is coming
Miss Mako like Wind Waker's boat 
  • maybe not necessary, but made galaxy feel vast
Moving Normandy makes it feel small, light, like a toy  
  • surprising lack of ME1 theme
  • few themes present in multiple tracks
  • disappointed ME2 theme only appears for act 1/intro and final act
  • feels more generic, less memorable melodies (counter ex. quarian and thane's theme)
  • too many "hey! remember me?"
  • Spectre reinstated (though limited), never mentioned again...
  • sometimes NPCs get a bit too chatty. Feel less like people, more like encyclopedias
  • "suicide" mission achievement for no deaths...
  • no urgency
  • codex dump at beginning of game
Not the most developed thoughts, but that's what's on the paper. Looking forward to Mass Effect 3, the areas I would like to see improved the most is the franchise's portrayals of romance, sex, and gender. Maybe then I can have an easier time taking some of these characters seriously. 
On a lighter note, the first game made such a huge deal about Spectres. The game opens with a Spectre's murder, another Spectre going rogue, and the player becoming the first human Spectre. Second game: what's a Spectre? Wouldn't it have been cool to meet another Spectre? You are on a mission to recruit the galaxy's elite, after all. Or they should have had a scene where Shepherd flashes his Spectre badge in the Terminus systems and some thugs just laugh at him. Garrus, I've a feeling we're not in Citadel Space anymore.