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Mass Effect 3 Review 0

Mass Effect 3 is the strongest entry in the Commander Shepard trilogy. It takes half-formed concepts from the previous games and turns them into trim, vital components. Bioware also narrows the focus of its narrative and unifies all gameplay under that narrative, a feature sorely lacking in Mass Effect 3's predecessors.In previous games, crew members were compartmentalized on the Normandy. Unless Shepard paired two characters together for an away mission, the games' primary casts rarely strayed ...

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Instant Space Opera 0

The essence of Space Rangers 2 lies in its vast, dynamic world. Using randomly generated galaxies, every pilot is greeted by a different set of solar systems and space lanes. This construct is populated with planets and ships whose behaviors turn a dice roll into a living, breathing place bustling with activity. Liners ferry diplomats between planets. Cargo vessels respond to shifting economies. Pirates demand credits, and allies respond to distress calls. All these ships know how to pick a figh...

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Ambition Over Technical Execution 0

Alpha Protocol is not a game without problems. Graphical hitches, awkward animation, and an annoying checkpoint system constantly interfere with the globe-trotting, espionage experience. Ultimately, these and other issues remain relegated to mere interruptions to what is otherwise an excellent role-playing game.   Many Useful Skills to Choose The cornerstone to Alpha Protocol's success is its obsession with presenting the player with choices and more importantly, recognizing and rewarding th...

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Gameplay and setting redeem the poor story and sound. 0

Rise of Legends has fantastic spirit. The races derive their unique look from very different sources of inspiration:The Vinci: Renaissance Italy; steam powers the often-bizarre sketches of Leonardo da Vinci The Alin: The classic tales of the Arabian Nights; genies, dragons, crystal, and sand The Cuotl: Mayan architecture powered by alien technology As a Rise of Nations game, most of the innovations that made the original such a hit are back. The interface is small, simple, but effective. Comman...

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GD2 is an excellent side-scroller, RTS hybrid. 0

Glory Days 2 spices up the side-scrolling shooter genre with light strategy elements. As you fly your plane or copter, you'll juggle the tasks of:engaging enemy fighters, bombing vehicles, rescuing civilians, capturing bunkers, and funding an army, all in an attempt to win a tug of war. Sound hectic? It is. Attempting to juggle all these factors can be an overwhelming ordeal. But Glory Days 2 streamlines these elements with an effective control scheme that allows you to quickly manage all the...

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