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Blur 2

An easy way to describe Blur would be to call it a simple homage to Mario Kart; while that is an apt description, the essence of Blur is much more. Scattered around each track are an array of differing power-ups (of which there are about eight), such as Nitro, which gives you a short burst of speed, and Bolt, which contains a set of three pink lightning bolts that can be shot at other cars. Power-ups can be shot backwards, and even negate the effect of others if they collide. The game also inclu...

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Skate Skate Skate 0

Skate 3 begins with a fantastic live action video following an array of residents of Port Carverton, a fictitious place of grandiose diversity that just so happens to be an ideal place for skateboarders. The video follows a pair of hillbillies hunting and shooting the elusive Big Foot, and then proceeding to strap him/her (it?) to the roof of their car. It then begins to follow the production of a skateboard, from lumberjacks sawing down trees to be brought to a lumber mill, to factory workers p...

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Sam Fisher has a message. It's from AMERICA. 2

Originally posted on my newly created website,   Sam Fisher is a man who has lost the thing he loved most in this world, and he will stop at nothing to exact his vengeance on anyone and anything that stands in his way, be it paid PMC mercenaries, or a plethora of light bulbs. The story of Splinter Cell: Conviction takes Sam Fisher everywhere from the country of Malta to the steps of the Lincoln memorial as he searches for the people responsible for the death of his daughter, ...

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