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Beating Haze

So what’s up with Haze you might ask, I’m not sure. To be honest, I really loved the story! The game puts up a front that I’ve never seen before in a game, with a genuine original story line that kept me going through the entire game. Sadly, the story demanded some intricate gameplay elements which weren’t executed all too well. Haze puts you in the shoes of a Mantel Corporation soldier, together with your buddies you receive the most high-end equipment and hourly doses of Nectar (a performance enhancing and anti-depressant drug substance).

Your orders are quite simple, fall in and attack. All under the mindset of ethnic cleansing a country from its rebellious population. Your buddies make you feel as if your on top of the world, everything is cool and the doses of Nectar give you the rush you need. War feels like a child’s game.

During one of your early missions however, the system in your suit that delivers your doses of Nectar fails, making you see the world as it actually is. Suddenly you start to see the bodies of regular people that weren’t there before, the very people you’ve been killing. There is blood on your hands, and everything seems quite darker and grittier. This is what I loved about Haze, the juxtaposition between being on the Nectar drug and seeing the real world as it is. The game uses this premise well to give you a story line to feel involved with.

The rest of the game feels pretty generic however, movements are quite clunky and weapons don’t feel very great. Environments are bland and the AI is quite literally dumb (who can blame them with all that Nectar running through their veins I guess).
I enjoyed playing through the game, yet I’m glad I got it over with in a single afternoon.