7000 people in a seething, roaring, shouting mass

a.k.a. - Patience as a disposable commodity
There are days where I seriously wonder what strange foreign energy keeps me from destroying the world. Given my history and lineage, I should have murdered quite a few orphanages at this point as examples to those who would conjure my ire. But still, somehow, I manage to use a large percentage of patience and oneness to keep my insatiable lust for blood in check. Because between Anime Boston, moronic people who don't know the difference between north street, north washington street, and washington street, people who don't know how to get up and leave a room after they've finished filling out a paper, and idiotic garage owners who lock my keys in my own car which forces me to blow $85 dollars to renew my triple A membership, the north end should be a smoking crater after having to endure the heat my pure rage produces.

And yet, I've managed to stay frosty through it all. My kidneys hurt a lot though.

So. Anime Boston.

That shit sucks.

And I thought, while discussing it with people, namely Mike and Jaime, during the Masquerade, that i was being too hard on it. That perhaps because PAX was such an amazing success and proved that you can have a con that is 4 times the size in the same space run more efficiently and provide a more enjoyable environment, that Anime Boston simply paled in comparison. Perhaps if PAX wasn't last weekend, if it were this weekend, I still might have had a good time.

Until the words Marco Polo were uttered.

New rule. Say that shit around me and I will fucking eviserate you. Because it has been ruined for me. When I was playing the Uncharted 2, the Marco Polo joke was great. I laughed. Now that shit is repugnant. I try to keep 1 simple rule. Do not let shitty people ruin good things for you. But when you are dealing with 6000 shitty children who all scream the same thing at the top of their lungs, shit gets broken. And now I hate it. During one of my breaks today, I tried to find the origin of the game Marco Polo. I couldn't find a date, but what I could find, is that it underwater variant of Blind Man's bluff.

Blind fucking man's bluff. These kids are essentially mimicking the screaming equivalent of pushing a hoop down the street with a stick. This is shit your grandparents knew of when they were your age. It is a meme from when memes weren't memes, but simply tropes that were commonly done. It's not even a dead meme. These children, in their idiocy, have created a monster. They have created the true Zombie Meme, shuffling and awkward, but deadly to those within it's range.

At first making fun of it felt like part of the game. But it was at the point where I started yelling "FISH OUT OF WATER" and they didn't know what it meant, that I realized that they were simply yelling things for no reason, without purpose. They didn't even understand what their words meant. It was, quite literally, diarrhea of the mouth.

So now, Anime Boston, along with a lot of other historic things based in Boston, is yet another staple of Massachusetts history that needs to be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up. It no longer works. It is no longer good. And that's not to say that I don't want it to be good, oh no. Far from. I've met so many good people through Anime Boston, built long lasting relationships that I genuinely cherish. And now, to think that that wonderful environment which I used to anticipate with bated breath can now be defined by two words, screamed by the adolescent collective of idiocy, truly saddens me.

Anime Boston = Marco Polo Con.

Anime Boston is Dead. The new fanbase slaughtered it like Caesar in the forum, cackling with each stab, pausing only to suck in a new breath before screaming out "MARCO!!!!!" only to take another swift but blunt swing.

Long Live PAX. Because everything about that shit was amazing.