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Today I got this message from my friend @ackbarthegreat on Skype.

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I was really confused. I thought it must have been some reference in some video or Twitter post that I must have missed. I looked at my Twitter feed and noticed that everyone was talking about him, and then I checked the site.

For a good hour I was just completely shocked. I couldn't believe it. I mustered up the words to form a quick Facebook post and told my girlfriend about it, but that's all I could really say with any coherence until now. My whole day was spent just staring at Twitter and seeing other people's thoughts, and going back to old Giant Bomb videos and pictures, experiencing a wide range of emotions.

I've been a Giant Bomb fan since the beginning, and ever since I was 12 I've been watching Quick Looks, Live Shows, and listening to Bombcasts. Not only will I miss hearing his perspective on video games as we move forward with the new consoles, but I will also miss his hilarity and chemistry with the rest of the staff, which has been enough to cheer me up whenever I've been feeling down.

It's hard to believe that he's truly gone, and I imagine it will be for a long time.

But no matter what the Giant Bomb staff decides to do in the future, I will support them no matter what, until the end and beyond.

I think I speak for everyone that's reading this when I say that Giant Bomb means the world to us. We love you guys, we love the site, and we'll do our best to stay strong and support you guys in any way we can.

Rest in peace, Ryan Davis.

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