Yo dawg, my gamertag is ISmokeWeed64

I just watched the quick look for Kane & Lynch: Dog Days and it got me worried about gamertag names. For those who haven't seen it, Jeff and Brad checked out some of the multiplayer, and all of the players in the match had the most juvenile gamertags ever, such as "Oo SiK WeeD oO" and "Halo Man445." It got me thinking, what if one of these people met someone in real life who is also a gamer, and so they give that person their gamertag. Wouldn't they come off a complete ass?  
I mean, most of my friends I know in real life have silly gamertags, but none referencing weed or anything. And personally, I like my gamertags to be simple and easy to explain. My PSN tag is "mgsguy" because I like Metal Gear. My gamertag on Xbox is "adolescentnerd" because that's exactly what I am. I don't want to make my names embarrassing because I have a thought in the back of my mind that I'll met someone who plays games in real life, and if I gave them a stupid name like "Oo SiK WeeD oO" then this new friend would probably never talk to me again. 
And on the topic of gamertags, Time Muffin is such an amazing name.