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Quality FPS but doesn't push the genre forward 0

Review Originally Published on my website Graveside EntertainmentDeveloped By: Guerrilla Games Published By: Sony Computer Entertainment Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Ray Winstone, Andrew Bowen Following Emperor Visari’s execution at the hands of ISA lunkhead Rico Velasquez, The Helghast launch a massive military campaign hellbent on the destruction of the ISA. The remains of the ISA forces are spread thin across the treacherous terrain on the Planet Helghan, and are being systematically...

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A+ Multiplayah. 0

The Battlefield campaign gets shit on a lot.  Saying it's derivative, and unoriginal is a shame.  I thought this campaign blew the CoD campaigns out of the water.  I loved all of the varied locations, weapons and destruction.  The Bad Company characters were much more human, and lifelike than the MW2 guys.  Finding new guns to collect on each level and having them unlock was a lot of un also.  Something else that MW2 missed. Don't believe the reviews, this games single player campaign is better ...

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Borderlands is "like a box of chocolates." 0

Many of us have been excited for Borderlands for a long time.  A  RPG & FPS set in a post apocalyptic wasteland?! What more could I ask for?    The game has an excellent comic book style, giving it a cool visual style.  Today most games are going for utmost realism, Borderlands is a refreshing change.  The characters aesthetics add to their over the top personalities.  Psycho's set themselves on fire, and charge at you spitting threats through a Raider mask.  Brutes come at you guns a blazin...

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Halo 3 - Some new, a lot more of the same? 0

Originally when Halo came out I thought it was an amazingly fun & original shooter.  I played through it once and finished it with a friend, and that was it.  Bought Halo 2, played it for a few hours and thought "Holy shit, this is Halo with dual wielding guns", dropped it and never picked it up again.    Earlier this year I decided to give Halo 3 a shot, being the first time it appeared on the Xbox 360, I expected this game to advance by leaps and bounds, which it has to a certain degree.  ...

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