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List of Monsters in my fan made story: Dark Times

Basically the plot to my story is a group of teen kids are the last people On earth (so far seeming I am gonna make sequels) and must survive the monsters that caused it. They befriend a monster after saving it from an attack from other monsters whom they named Cyrus and must find a safe place to get away from the bloodthirsty monsters

and yes, my monsters will be mythical creatures (note: any mythical species of monsters on this list will only include one member of that said species and no other members of that species will appear (I mean there’s only one member of the species for example when it says Yetis, I’m only referring to one yeti and thats it))

note: none of the monsters cant speak human and don’t wear clothes in this story because I want to make them more beast like. They also have their own language different from ours

Here’s my other version of this list on Comic Vine

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