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Best of 2010

metalsnakezero: Best of 2010

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  • While it is easy to call it a GTA with horses, Red Dead Redemption is much more than that. Believable western setting, interesting characters that either likable or hateful in a meaningful way, gameplay that may make the future of RockStar's open-world games, and music that makes you feel like your in the west.

  • The epic journey of Shepard continues with Mass Effect 2 with improve gameplay from the combat to conversations. Story really is really well done with how choices do effect the out-coming including events that you had done in ME1 saves. Characters are interesting to play and interact with allowing for a stronger relationship with them.

  • It's Super Mario Galaxy, again. Enough said.

  • Proof that the Japanese can make games. Bayonetta brings to the table a crazy story, excellent combat that surpasses Devil May Cry, and pretty, and also sexy, to look at.

  • Proof that JRPGs aren't dead, P3P brings its already excellent RPG/social interaction gameplay from Persona 3 and add some improvements from P4. Also its on the go.

  • While broken in a lot of places (EX: I FELL OFF THE MAP FOR SOME REASON!) New Vegas still offer up the same great experiences of Fallout 3 with some improvements in areas that were needed, great cast of characters, real endings with multiply outcomes, and more than one way to play it.

  • Again, proof that the Japanese can make games. Vanquish is a impressive game with a smooth 3rd person shooter gameplay that makes Gears look really slow, impressive visuals, and a over the top show.

  • Video games are art and Limbo is a example of that. Gameplay of dying to understand puzzles as a mechanic but as fits with the world of Limbo as you push forward in a grim world.

  • A tale of interesting and deep characters with multiply paths to take with the outcome being very different. Impressive visuals that help characters show emotions and believable movements. More than just a quick-time event.

  • Still the great god of war that we know and love.