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Game of the year 2017

My game of the year for 2017. List is till being develop so games may not being in order till I get my final thoughts in.

List items

  • What it means to be alive? That the question Automata ask and with decent combat from Platinum and concepts that only work in games, it the Yoko Toro game that hit big.

  • The next chapter in the Persona series that was 5 years in the making. It has visuals that are breath taking, music that makes you want to dance, characters you'll fall in love with, question on corruption and where we fit in society, and our dealings with mysterious forces. It is the JRPG that everyone should play.

  • A adventure game about being in your 20s, finding your place in the world, and dealing with small town problems.

  • Putting Zelda in an open-world game ends up being a great idea. Exploring, mapping out your path, and pin pointing areas is the true meat of the game. Every area has a little surprise that makes the world feel real.

  • A great surprises this year. While this twist and it sorta commentary on VN/Dating sims only work for those who played them, you can appreciate it ideas and lengths to put players in a state of horror in this free game.

  • A very smartly designed metroidvania using skillful platforming, simple but intriguing combat, lore that can compete with Dark souls, and a continuing support from the developers.

  • Combining basketball style gameplay, visual novel conversations, and a whole lot of lore that connects the two and you got a hit from supergiant games.

  • BJ is back, killing nazis, and questioning our morels of society, the human understanding, and how powers crumble by their own narrow minded ideals in this new Wolfenstein

  • A better 3D Mario game. Open level design, new moves to traverse platforms, and strange worlds to explore with different ways to acquire moons.

  • Murder island has come to 2017 with a ever changing tension with combat, loot grabbing, and strategy unseen in First-person games.