My GotY Contenders

With the end of the year quickly approaching it seems time to start taking stock of games that are in the discussion for my personal Game of the Year. It also is a good time to think about games that I might want to spend some time with before the end of the year as well based on what I have heard and my personal preferences. This isn't just a list of all the games I have played this year (and many I haven't) but rather games that for me personally are games I could say were my favorite this year.

List items

  • Very few games have me thinking about them after turning them off but I find myself thinking about new ideas for levels all the time.

  • While the gameplay isn't perfect very few RPGs have grabbed me as completely as this one. The writing made even the most seemingly simple quests something much more memorable. I do wonder how to factor in the amount of fixing the game needed. On the one hand CD Projekt put in the work to fix the game, on the other hand I couldn't even clear my quest log until 4 months after release due to bugs.

  • I played on PS4 so I didn't have any experience with the issues plaguing the PC version. As much as I love Batman the gameplay in this series has been copied to death since the release of Arkham Asylum and part of me has become a bit bored with it. They also seemed to go for quantity over quality when filling out the side content in the game.

  • I enjoyed Dead Island and it seems, much like a lot of Techland's stuff, its really hit or miss based on personal tastes. Haven't played it but would like to spend some time with it.

  • Have only played about 8 hours of it but have really enjoyed it so far. My one fear is that there may be a point where I become bored with it as it seems like there is a lot to do but I haven't seen that much variation in what you are actually doing.

  • Another one I haven't taken the time to really play. It looks like a lot of fun and its nice to see something original coming out of a publisher like Ubisoft.

  • I got into the series with MH3U on Wii U and bought a New 3DS just for this game. Haven't put as much time in it as I did with 3 but I have still really enjoyed what I have played, especially when I can get friends together to play with.

  • I played a ton of Sim City 3000 and this is the closest I have found to capturing that magic. Totally forgot it was released this year.

  • I haven't played this game yet but based on Jeff's review alone I feel like its something I should take a look at.

  • Surprised just about everyone but I haven't had this much fun with a multiplayer game in a long time.

  • Another one where the Bomb Crew's high praise has made me want to take a look at it.

  • Much like Rocket League its just such a fun experience compared to how I usually feel about multiplayer games.

  • I have usually liked Assassin's Creed, and although I skipped Unity the buzz around this one makes it sound like I should check it out.

  • I'm a sucker for management sims and this game was technically released this year, finally leaving Early Access. Haven't spent enough time with it yet but have liked what I have played.

  • While I didn't particularly love the plot to Fallout 3 I did think it was a smart way to modernize the gameplay. This is something that is at least worth some attention.

  • So late in the year I just hope I have time to really get into it and make an informed decision.