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Damn you Ryan Davis

So I have very few "celebrities (to me)" that follow me on twitter... 
Ryan said something to the effect of he was felt like this was a lost weekend and he doubted he could change that at this point... 
So I suggested he try some of those chinese energy drinks he had. 
And he unfollowed me. 
Damn it... 
Lol, I don't really care, but still.  damn!


What tattoos do you guys have?

I've got four...  A pink flower on my left shoulder, a cross on my right shoulder (I am an atheist.. but it's my symbol that what people perceive as god is inside all of us), the super man symbol on my chest (covering up my ex-fiancées initials...), and a Japanese symbol on the back of my neck...  I think it means destiny... but who knows, I was drunk and in the country so it is probably just gibberish.