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TimAllen624: Best of 2010

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  • The second I beat the suicide mission I knew this game would easily be my game of the year. Mass Effect really did an amazing job of building off what its previous title established. The one thing that made this game shine though was the characters. Having companions from every race that matters (even the Geth!!) really helped make me feel a connection with my crew. This amazing universe that Bioware had been building for years truly feels like its finally coming together to make one of the most brilliant space operas ever conceived.

  • I hated Westerns and GTA ever since I was a little kid. I always found them boring and as I got older found the cowboys and Indians part a tad racist. RDR really seemed like it was going to be my perfect storm of hate. Somehow though I decided to try it out and instantly fell in love with its incredibly realized world and the lovable John Marston.

  • This game is effing bananas. I honestly have a hard time trying to describe what exactly this game is. Its jumping from helicopters, grappling guys to cars, blowing up water towers and really satisfying explosions. This gang of crazy action really helped give me a great experience that I sinked more hours into than any multiplayer game this year.

  • I'm a little biased because I am a huge fan of the comic book series and movie this game is based off of. Looking even further over the Scott Pilgrim skin you see a love letter to classic gaming. This game not only made me love Scott Pilgrim more but used enough noscon to have me nostalgic for days.

  • The only real experience I've had with Pac-Man was for about 2 weeks my family had to do our laundry at a laundry mat and a Pac-Man cabinet was buried in the back of the store. I was never a particular fan of the series due to both my age and lack of skill with arcade games. Something about this game fit though. Whether it was its crazy soundtrack or just destroying my ghost train I felt oddly satisfied.

  • Something about this game reminded me of all my favorite parts of Half Life 2. This game easily has the most realized characters of 2010.