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TimAllen624's Top 5 Games of 2009

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  • When I heard another Batman game was being developed it got filed under the don't get your hopes up file in my brain. I honestly didn't even mean to pick it up until it dropped down to about $20, but the constant attention that giantbomb and CO-OP gave it made me pick up a copy right away. I fell in love with the game and it immediately sent me back to my childhood of early Saturday mornings in my underwear watching the Kids WB. The games voice acting was so terrific and I love how they got almost everyone from the original cast. The other part that really amazed me was the fact that I did every Riddler challenger. With the exception of the few I love how every riddle was unique and not just a meaningless collectable however your reward for solving every riddle is a little anticlimactic. The combat when seen at from a distance seems unbelievable simple but with numerous upgrades it gets very intricate. By far though my favorite part of the game is the fact that you honestly feel like the Dark Knight. Whether its jumping through a window to knock out a guard or gliding down to finish your prey with your bat cape made me giddy with excitement that I honestly felt like a predator.

  • The original Assasin's Creed never really kept my interest. It seemed like a basic open world game with a ridiculous amount of collectables. So my mindset going into this game was not very high in the least. However the fact that every collectable in this game (except feathers) really seemed to interest me to help increase my understanding of this world I became so enthralled in. Unlike with Altair, Ezzio really seemed to be more approachable and likable. Also the fact that you follow and learn how to be an assassin with Ezzio helps establish a bond with the character and the player. This game also had a million different things to do if you got bored. If you were tired of missions you could look for treasure, if you were tired of treasure you could perform assasination contracts and races. Everything about this game blew my mind along with the stigma I had branded on the series.

  • I know, I know every list needs this game. We've all heard a mess of items regarding this game either the media is talking about the 'No Russian' level or your bro room mate who only plays Madden can't stop talking about how awesome the multiplayer is. This game is amazing for so many different reasons. Not only do the hardcore gamers fall in love with deep gameplay but even your friends who never really enjoy games love this game. I love all the cultural relevance this game brings with its approachbale shooting mechanics and clever marketing.

  • This game was on the top of my list for most uninteresting game of the Summer of Arcade this year. Conceptually this game sounds awful. Press either A, B, X, or Y and you can splode. You can splode three times. I thought to myself how could this game even seem like a challenge. I quickly ate my words when I played five minutes of this demo and frantically dug around for my debit card to unlock the full game. This game not only captures the excitment of an oldschool 2D platformer but also captures an amazing charm I've never seen in a game for a long time. I loved Splosion Man's constant movie phrases and his various running animations. The game really helped return my faith to side scrollers and game me a very entertaining game for a few bucks.