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Mother Brain in Other M confirmed!

I was watching this translated interview with the developers of other M (i'm such a neeeerd) when I noticed something, I don't know how old this is but its pretty new to me

  Skip and pause at 7:07, Mother brain is right there on that dudes monitor all 3D and looked dangerous
I'm pretty psyched as if I wasn't before what do you guys think of the return of this age old villain

I decided to but Super Mario Galaxy 2 over Red Dead Redemption...

...and I don't regret it. Super Mario Galaxy was a blast and the sequel looked even better and besides I got it for only $5 brand new in plastic and everything. Hands down this game was amazing It took my 3 days straight to complete it (242 stars!) which is longer then most games out there. What do you guys think who got Super Mario Galaxy 2?


I see Deadly Premonition in my future, isn't that right zach?

 I decided to finally search and buy a copy of Deadly premonition. I've been quarreling with myself and friends whether it would be worth the $20 and frustration for some achievements and laughs and I have finally decided to follow in the steps of our enduring investigation team. Before you ask yes I'm out of my mind and no I'm not loaded enough to spend $20 on a game like this and not care. Anyone else buy it and what were your thoughts


Final Fantasy, you love it or you hate it

I've never really liked final fantasy at all, the real time RPG action tends to piss me off so I avoid the series, recently however I was digging through my box of NES games and I found the original Final Fantasy in there so I decided might as well take a go at it. Happily i soon discovered the real time combat was nowhere in it and there are some minor flaws in the game like no descriptions for anything you equip or that all the spell names are 4 words like HRM2 is a spell for only the undead but all in all I love it! What are some of you giant bombers views on the final fantasy series?


Back after a shitload of events!

I'm back and in case you were wondering where that super cool, smart, sexy guy was called Metroid545 after alot of shit went down including 
1. My laptop crashed-it was old and shitty so i saw this coming, what i didn't see coming was the sudden end to my income preventing me from getting a new one... 
2. Older brother had a baby...well his wife did but he put it there and me and him have always been close so i've been his speed dial for when he is stressed and wants to talk.
3. younger brother is in jail, this one came out of nowhere in fact I was with him 4 hrs before He committed the crime and he swore he was done hanging with those shady types but sure enough him and 2 guys robbed a liquor store. 
4.World of warcraft, I recently started and SO ADDICTING AND FUN! ROGUE IS A BEAST! MUST HIT 80! 


Gamer's moms, the infamous gate between us and gaming freedom

     Most of the time when I've been playing a reletively addicting, fun game I will be sure to recommend it to my friends and anyone else if we get on the topic. As enticing as I try and make the games sound My friends will pull out several reasons that seem stamped down on to their mind. The list usually goes, I would like too but I don't have money, It seems like something that I would play for only about 5 hours or they would bring up an even better game in their opinion. The most prevelant answer though that really can't be argued is My mom won't let me get that. Every gamer below the age of 18 all face this same issue in different ways but nonetheless the same problem. For some its the violence, others may be nudity or even language. Ever gamer seems to have this limited freedom as their parents box in their personalities to benefit or sometimes just out of spite. 
     Out of those gamers below 18 there are a very select few that can buy games unheeded by parental intervention. These gamers have seen it all by 6th grade; nudity, violence, blood, you name it. These gamers are idolized and are the source of jealousy from the gamers that are more contained. For me I have always been one of those unheeded gamers because my parents trust me to know the difference between right and wrong and hey I turned out alright (sort of). Though unheeded by the ESRB ratings my parents have their firm grip on me in a way I think no other gamer has to deal with. My parents let me by games but they also have a secret law that they never alert me too until I try and break it. They have set down a rule that even though it was by my money the game was bought the game belongs to them and they so whatever they would like too do with it. That sounds like a normal rule that we all have but do your parents sell games tat you have been playing without telling you until 3 days after because it was worth alot? How about giving games to their friends because their kids wanted it? Its crazy but as the parents they can do whatever they want. There needs to be a pact made by gamers, for gamers to end this long time battle between video games and parents and I hope that you too agree that we prefer them to be clueless to the games rather than clueless but in your face. Comment what you think I've said my piece.


5,000 + Hell yeah MOTHER EFFERS

Finally decided to stop just watching Quick looks to go edit some much needed articles and fine tune others and gradually reached 5,000 points :D no more moderation for me which means only one thing...If you see any games popping up called METROID545'S SUPER AWESOME GAME OF FUNNESS popping up...yeah


YEAH 2000+!

In one day I brought my score up exactly 1000 points setting a new personal best! This Live thing is much better than moderation! I aim for no less then 5k!


w00t 1000!

after the hard work of compiling all my pics and playing games I have finally achieved my goal and reached 1000 points in the past 2 days and I plan on doubling it within the week

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