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Back after a shitload of events!

I'm back and in case you were wondering where that super cool, smart, sexy guy was called Metroid545 after alot of shit went down including 
1. My laptop crashed-it was old and shitty so i saw this coming, what i didn't see coming was the sudden end to my income preventing me from getting a new one... 
2. Older brother had a baby...well his wife did but he put it there and me and him have always been close so i've been his speed dial for when he is stressed and wants to talk.
3. younger brother is in jail, this one came out of nowhere in fact I was with him 4 hrs before He committed the crime and he swore he was done hanging with those shady types but sure enough him and 2 guys robbed a liquor store. 
4.World of warcraft, I recently started and SO ADDICTING AND FUN! ROGUE IS A BEAST! MUST HIT 80!