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@undeadpool: I feel like part of what hurt P5's rep out of the gate is how neck deep we are in streaming culture these days. Because of Atlus' weird streaming restrictions a lot of critics and think-fluencers immediately had an attitude of "I can't justify spending time on this if I can't produce content with it." Personally I love all the Persona games and 5 was no exception but I guess I underestimated how precious people got about past entries. I think there are some interesting allusions made to that sort of toxic fandom in P5's end game though I'm not clear how intentional it actually is. If there was one complaint that I could understand holding against it is that maybe some of the actual character interactions were not as fun as they have been but I thought the cast themselves were as good or better in some cases than in prior games.

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Started in earnest on RE2make. Admittedly I didn't buy into the hype at all before playing it but holy frijoles this game is stupendous. I'm close to the end playing Claire first. One thing I really like right away is the fashion sense, seeing Claire rocking a badass look closer to her Code Veronica attire feels a bit more practical and cool for this scenario. I love the way it actualizes pretty much the exact same setting and characters of the original but with a level of flair I was not expecting. The way certain boss encounters have been articulated with the updated control scheme and a killer visual style is super impressive.

I been settling on Gibraltar as a main in Apex Legends. I've just accepted that I'll never be anything above mediocre at killing dudes so I've been strangely tanking for my teams that led to a number of victories and near victories. Another reason I pick him is that I like having some representation in a character roster even if it is a bit boilerplate.

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I found myself going back to finish One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 while listening to podcasts. I'm honestly not a big fan of how it shoe-horns this story that I love into contrived musou scenarios with worse music than the anime nor how interruptive the updated kizuna team-ups can be. However after finishing the main game as well as the Dream Log I have to say the sheer amount of fan service stuffed into it ends up melting away all of my chief beefs and I'm ready to say I love this game. I still think that PW2 is responsible for many marked improvements to the musou formula in this game and many other Omega-Force crossover games that followed. There just currently isn't anything that measures up to PW3 as far as an overall One Piece fan experience. I'm always going to shout out a good credits sequence and this one is terrific.

Finished Vampyr last week. It is SUCH an interesting game that is also quite flawed. I'd struggle to call the combat good but it's serviceable, especially on easy which is how I played it. The story won't blow your mind yet there is some undeniably cool world building with loads of potential. If nothing else Vampyr has got me excited for that Vampire: The Masquerade sequel considering this game features a setting that feels incredibly analogous to what little I know of the WoD style vampire fiction. It's a very qualitative endorsement but I did like it.

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Finally saw Into the Spider-Verse and loved it to pieces. It honestly uses the concept far better than the comic its based on and has some of the most incredible animation stylings I've seen in a feature film maybe ever.

Mob Psycho 100% Season 2 was great of course, can't say enough good things about this show. The first season was my favorite animated thing in the year it came out and now the second season is no doubt going to be a fave if not THE fave this year.

I maintain that it was a great season for A-Sports...anime sports... It pretty much covered both ends of the spectrum. On one end you had the over the top gutsy shounen pathos of Hinomaruzumou and on the other you had the sweet interpersonal slice of life tale of Run With the Wind. The latter is certainly where you'd go for nice looking animation and deep character feels. I agree with pretty much everything @imhungry said about it, just a beautifully done show that stuck the landing in a way most stuff doesn't.

It must be baseball season or something coming up since there's a grip of new shows that are baseball-centric. One of which is Diamond no Ace which I'm super stoked to see coming back. Another of which is a reboot of Touch? That seems like an odd thing to be bringing back in 2019 but okay. Then again I have to admit it's been sort of a renaissance for rebooted retro stuff lately. Thinking about Dororo, Devilman, Ashita no Joe, and several seasons of Lupin III, there have been loads of re-imaginings that have been knocking it out of the park in terms of splitting the difference between homage and originality in wonderful ways.

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Probably going to skip 'Mania once again. Having said that I think if they stick to their guns about the ladies main eventing then that's really cool. The most interesting tidbit to me, and I had to look this up to be sure, as long as Becky isn't written out of it in the coming weeks she will be the only European wrestler other than Andre to main event Wrestlemania. That's super cool.

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I've played a few hours of Vampyr. Many aspects of this game could be described as extremely mediocre but I find the game structure itself to be positively fascinating. There's an odd satisfaction to sort of fattening up a potential meal through gathering information about their darkest secrets and weighing the value of their blood versus their moral ambiguity. There's a lot of potential to this vampire medical procedural concept that I'd love to see another game take a crack at to perfect the formula. It's a nice reminder that games can be flawed yet interesting enough to feel worth playing.

I put down Apex Legends for a bit to play some Titanfall 2 multiplayer. Yup, still an all time favorite multiplayer game of mine. Nothing quite like coming down from the adrenaline rush of getting on roll in a match and ending up as a top scorer. For as quickly as Apex seems to move, this game moves like buttered lightning by comparison.

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The existence of Tales From the Borderlands makes me incapable of giving a shit about another shlooter from Gearbox. It'll be a miracle if they can even match the level of world building and character development that Telltale did with their game.

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Dororo - Ow, my heart. And here I thought Hyakkimaru was the one with the cruel origin story.

Run With the Wind - ARRGH MY HEART! Might need to promote Shindo to best boy if he wasn't already.

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I sort of want Ciri from Witcher 3 but I'm also not sure that I'd want to see her get eviscerated via fatality.