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Dang it, already 6 years since he left us. I sometimes ponder how different things on GB would be today if he was still alive and it fucks me up every time. Gonna make some time to watch some TANGs today which to me are still some of the best content in this website's history and in the history of the internet.

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From what I've played so far it will likely be Resident Evil 2. I've probably played Apex more than anything but truth be told I still wouldn't be comfortable with that in a top spot. I REALLY want to play DMC5 because I know I'll probably love it. Sekiro I'd also like to play though it might not be as big a visual treat on a regular PS4 from what I've heard. I'm extremely curious about Judgement as someone who ended up not liking most of Kiryu's character arc in the Yakuza games. Outer Wilds I definitely want to play though it seems like it won't be out on Steam this year.

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Late to the party on Hitman 2 but I've been playing a lot of it lately and love it. I've mainly just been obsessing over the Miami level and just having a lot of fun with it. After having completed all "The Classics" challenges just as I max out the level mastery I'm finally ready to move on to the next stage. People weren't kidding when they said that it's improved in every way to the "first" entry in this new Hitman. I can't think of many things in this game as satisfying as calmly assembling a concealed sniper rifle from a briefcase, killing my target, putting it back in the briefcase, and calmly walking away with no one the wiser. So freaking cool.

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@not_a_bumblebee: Believe me, you're preaching to the choir. I just find it funny that for all their success with the MCU Marvel almost never could get their shit together when it comes to cartoons. I mean sure people like myself probably have a lot of nostalgia for X-Men and Spider-Man in the 90's but the production and plotting of those series have unquestionably aged poorly in spots. It wasn't until the late 2000's that they were making stuff that was genuinely great between Wolverine and the X-Men, Spectacular Spider-Man, and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, three shows that were grand slams in terms of quality and yet were still canceled rather unceremoniously. I wouldn't necessarily call the shows that came after 'bad' but they certainly regressed in a way that leads me to believe they'll never be that good again.

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I finally saw Teen Titans Go! To the Movies and loved it. As someone who loves comics, cartoons, and cartoons about comics I found it unbelievably funny. It's odd to think that you'd never associate DC animated films (or DC films in general?) with good musical numbers yet this movie has several great ones. In terms of pure personal enjoyment I give it 4.5 white tiger Michael Boltons out of 5.

I finished watching the CG run of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and may go so far as to call it my favorite iteration of this franchise ever. It strikes such a superb balance of action, comedy, intrigue, and character development to create something that feels really special overall while maintaining loads of reverence for the source material. Sadly the main plot wraps up at the end of season 4 but season 5 is a series of very fun mini-arcs that rope together some truly great fan service. One of my favorite things about the show is the way it makes most of the villains ACTUALLY formidable fighters. I'll be surprised if I like any TMNT this much ever again. Have not watched any Rise of TMNT though I like what I've seen of that art style.

On a lark I was rewatching episodes of Wolverine and the X-Men and yup, still an incredible show. Such a shame it only got the one season because this was arguably the best era for Marvel cartoons ever.

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I was gonna say, I recognize that Invisible War boxart anywhere.

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Have to say I've been pretty blown away by the quality of Demon Slayer. Right from the start I really dig the visual styyyyyle and fidelity. The soundtrack is extremely well done as well. The production goes a long way in selling me on what feels like a fairly typical battle shounen with a few fun twists. I can't imagine how I'd feel about this premise if I had read it instead of watching it but right now I'm liking what I've seen a whole lot.

I'm still watching and enjoying One Punch Man season 2. It's no secret that the production quality has taken a hit compared to before. I don't know, I've always viewed OPM as a comedy first and foremost and in that regard it's giving me what I need. Cool fight scenes are nice and all but for this type of show it should all be in service of the comedy in my opinion.

Speaking of low quality animation Ace of Diamond has been pretty decent though to be fair the last time I watched the show I was able to binge through it. Watching week to week feels a bit more underwhelming. I like the idea of next generation players coming onto the team though I'm also dreading any of them outshining my main man Sawamura. I still think Kuramochi should've been team captain even though Miyuki makes the most sense.

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Graphically it looks nice but I don't know. I haven't played XV to know anything about this type of play and I haven't liked an FF enough to finish any after X. Count me as someone who was content with FF7 existing in antiquity. If this isn't a sign that this franchise needs to retire its name I don't know what else is. It's perfectly fine for it to exist in an MMO form because you have decades of great games to pull from for its styyyyyyyle. Single player games need to get refocused at SqEnix because with a few exceptions they're really losing my interest.

I'm not afraid to admit being a fan of the old game. Like yes, many parts of it don't hold up great, but it was weeeeeeird man. It was one of the largest concentrations of the strangest content you were seeing in a single mainstream game at the time. 3 discs! It was a damn TV show boxset equivalent of a video game (excluding PC install discs). The more I think back on my playing of PS1 games, I was playing stuff more for strange and different content and control schemes so JRPGs were great for me in that regard.

@zombiepie: I imagine the announcement of this game (or initial promise of an announcement) may have had a part in the creation of your world renowned FF blog. Happen to recall your reaction to that one tech demo that blew everyones' minds and led to this?

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I popped back into Enter the Gungeon. Been a while since I've played it so I was kind of blown away by how much they kept adding to this game with the DLC. I managed to finally kill the pasts for both Bullet and Robot and had some stressful fun doing it. Even got the platinum within the base game's achievements. So much great video game minutia crammed into it, in ways that are downright litigious. Fortunately it has a styyyyyyle that lets this kind of stuff blend seamlessly into the premise. Love this game.

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I've only ever played Genma Onimusha. I can only assume they've added the extra content from that version but I guess I don't know. I remember liking the game at the time but the story was still a major disappointment. I personally think there is no point in having this game if it's not bundled with Onimusha 2 as well considering how bollocks the cliffhanger ending is in the first game.