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I wasn't sure if I was ready for season 2 of Mob Psycho 100% but right from the jump I was ???% back into this show. It continues to excel by combining my love for shounen action and my contempt for career psychics as a profession into a fun coming of age tale with some of ONE's signature satirical humor peppered throughout. I'm still of the mind that this show is hands down better than One Punch Man despite maybe not having the same level of broad appeal.

I've been liking this new adaptation for Dororo quite a bit. It's funny the only reason I knew anything about this series before hand was because of that one PS2 game based on the same property and the only indication I had that it was possibly a Tezuka joint was the design of Dororo himself, which seems like the only character design even remotely intact from the source material. My favorite part has to be the revamped portrayal of Hyakkimaru's predicament making his mere presence very unsettling no matter who he interacts with.

I've been catching up on Run With the Wind and rather enjoy it. I appreciate it having more of a focus on highlighting the ensemble cast and not primarily centering on a singular main character. So far it's been very low key in its depiction of the sport in question, more using it as a source of personal growth in these young adults. Even in the early goings I found myself cheering on these dudes despite there not being any deadly serious competition going on just yet. Also digging the chill vibe of the soundtrack.

@animasta: Yeah even as someone who has loved JoJo for many years I sometimes find it distressing how few people take Araki to task for his bad female characters. I haven't been current on the manga for maybe a year now but even in the current arc there have been portrayals of females that I'd describe as problematic. Even long before that you can look at Lisa Lisa who is definitively a badass but then you have the asterisk of "Well she's a woman so of course she couldn't stand a chance against the main villain, don't be crazy." Unfortunately that's not the last time it happens in the series. As mentioned there are more women to come in Part 3 but I'd describe all of them sharing the defining characteristic of "conniving bitches." The only defense I can offer up is that ALL of the characters are ludicrous: man, woman, child, adult, animal, etc. they're all simply absurd. I'd like to think Araki isn't a huge sexist but rather all about making his characters as heavy metal as possible.

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Nice job on the write-up this year. Another reminder of how out of touch I am with modern anime since I've watched less than half of this list. If I had watched Hi-Score Girl before voting ended that might have very well been my number one as I would easily bump a spot on my list for it. Anywho here's how I ended up weighting my votes:

5. My Hero Academia. The latest season had what instantly became an all time favorite anime moment for me. The show is very formulaic so I can see how some were let down by the anime last year but to me it is still the epitome of battle shounen comfort food at the moment. If anything my admiration for this series is at an all time high particularly after watching the trailer for SHAZAM and realizing that DC are going to continue to push the bastardized New 52 version of Billy Batson.

4. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. The only reason I didn't want this higher is because I'm all too aware of this small portion of part 5 being only the tip of the iceberg in terms of craziness. This remains my favorite ongoing 90's-ass anime. Mr. Blonde would be proud of that torture dance.

3. Gintama. Though this latest season doesn't have the most consistent animation quality I can't think of anything that brought me as many laughs per capita last year. What's crazy is that even when this show is being extremely serious it is still weirdly hilarious in just how over the top it all is.

2. Megalo Box. A simple but sweet story about prize fighting. It is as much a boxing story as it is a love story between a wild dog and a domesticated dog. While not quite having as much emotional punch as the series it's based on it has a great look and sound to it that makes it an easy watch for both old and new fans of anime.

1. Aggretsuko. This is number one purely by how much it surprised me. I couldn't have guessed that the company who soullessly merchandises Hello Kitty junk to my mom and others could have produced such a heartfelt workplace dramedy. The fact that Retsuko's vice is death metal karaoke, while quite funny is sort of a moot point as I imagine anyone in the working class can relate to needing just that one quirky activity to get you through your days.

I realize Castlevania was going to win non-anime almost by default (heck I voted for it) but yo that's a decent cartoon that's also poorly directed. Aggretsuko surprised me more than anything last year with a possible runner-up being Hinomaruzumou, though again I hadn't watched Hi-Score Girl in time. Don't think I inputted anything for Disappointing but looking back I should've put in a vote for Seven Deadly Sins. While not technically an anime I'd give a shout out to Critical Role's new OP that premiered near the end of last year, but yeah I defaulted to Fighting Gold. I might have had the Slime anime in my top five if it wasn't another goddamn Isekai show.

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Heck man you're a way bigger fan of this franchise than I am at this point, and I've played and finished most of these games when they were new. Then again I never finished any passed FFX so you're already ahead of the curb on this stuff. I thought when Zodiac Age released I might give this game another shot but I've seen my brother play some late game stuff in the vanilla version and boy does it not look appealing or rewarding the way you kind of just run your party into mobs and let the gambits do the rest. I'm sure down the line there's some psychotic satisfaction to getting them programmed just right but in the opening hours I could not find anything to like about this game's design, art direction, or characters so I quit prematurely. Same thing happened with XIII where I think I just reached an age where I just don't have time to waste on long games that are mostly bad save for a handful of kinda neat stuff in between.

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I sort of wonder if there should be a distinction of 'current gen' games between indie and AAA because I feel both answers could be interesting from person to person. Excluding ones that have been mentioned I might have to say Pyre purely because someone has to. It might not be Supergiant's strongest game design (I ended up liking the celestial rugby quite a bit by the end) but it features some of the most surprising video game writing I've come across ever. I can't think of anything else I've played that questions the concepts of winning and losing in a competitive setting while also making them such vital parts of proceeding through the game. When it comes to making choices, you should absolutely go with your gut and just roll with the punches in the Rites. Even playing a campaign without losing a match I wound up with a profoundly emotional ending that made me ponder over all the things I could/should have done differently. It's all brought together with a wonderful art style and fabulous music.

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- Roman Reigns will play Rock's brother in the Calvin and Hobbes Fast and Furious spinoff film.

You mean Hobbes and Shaw. Though what I wouldn't give to see Jason Statham play pretend as Spaceman Spiff.

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Watched Hi-Score Girl just last week and absolutely loved it. It's a bummer that I finished it pretty much just as the GBAD polls closed because it could've easily been number 1 or 2 for me. The use of retro games is downright pervasive and exploitative, but damn it it's effective! I was surprised how believable I found the main character. I feel like I grew up knowing people like this, have been like this in the past myself, and even think there are people in games coverage today who can be like this at times. Going in I was fully expecting to find the titular Hi-Score Girl character to be super annoying yet came away thinking she was terrific. If I had to compare this show to another series the only thing that comes to mind is that it's like a reverse Dagashi Kashi with video games instead of snack foods. If you have any love and/or nostalgia for retro games you owe it to yourself to watch this anime.

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@turboman: @cmblasko: I'm sure you guys are right, though let's not hold our breaths on Goto. We all know he HAS the potential but none of that's been on display whatsoever in the past few years. He seriously needs some emergency character resuscitation stat. It would bring me so much happiness if Ishii could be a tippity-top guy at some point but I can't let myself believe that there are any plans for that to happen.

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I have to think that someone in NXT has enough thought to get KUSHIDA in a program with O'Reilly at some point. Seriously if you ever want to make a case for pro wrestling as MMA theater just point people to the epic Best of Super Juniors matches those two had together. My interest in New Japan has been sort of fizzling out lately and it's not for lack of trying on the promotion's part. I still find myself quite entertained by even their average events. I just can't see where they're headed creatively as clearly as smarter fans than me, particularly after a number of named talent leaves. Is it just going to be another 5+ years of Naito and Okada going back and forth at the top? Not that I'd mind that, I love those two guys but having Kenny in the mix was a real shot of adrenaline for the booking in New Japan's main event scene.

My concern as of now is that BTE is surely ending soon as they'll probably have to start producing actual segments with proper production crews in AEW. It's sad because that show has genuinely been a constant source of joy in pro wrestling for me. Now I worry about those guys getting less creative and more corporate like Giant Bomb or something. XD

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Watching Wrestle Kingdom at my leisure worked out for the best as I find the zeitgeist of wrestling fandom to be overrated. Enjoyed the show though the tag team booking seems to have tanked compared to the previous maybe 2 WKs. Anyway here's some hungover thoughts on the show.

I can't decide if seeing Goto with The Best Friends is the happiest thing or the saddest thing.

Ibushi vs Osprey was spectacular and death defying. Are we now transitioning the NEVER belt to being the murderfest division that the Juniorheavyweights have been for the past several years?

Ishii is seriously in GOAT territory with me. I can't think of many other wrestlers who have controlling a pro wrestling audience down to a science as much as this man. ZSJ had a hell of year in 2018 and things are only looking up for him. Truth be told I can't think of a single time I've not liked him yet he's somehow better than he's ever been. It's no accident that he's been at the pinnacle of the British indie boom.

I really liked Cody/Juice. I hate to say it considering it was his last match but I don't think Tiger Hattori was a good fit for residing over this match that Cody seemed keen on being another NWA style affair.

KUSHIDA's entrance was an all time great for Wrestle Kingdoms and the match that follows was a great watch.

I've decided a while ago that Jay White is an asset to have in New Japan as he is undoubtedly one of if not their most consistent heel on the roster. He's undeniably impressive with his skill and physique but he's really excellent about never outshining a baby face. Okada has had one of the most legendary title runs and character arcs ever so fortunately that means he can afford to take pins without losing much traction with his fans(with me at least).

Once more Jericho sort of breaks down the walls of my expectations with a hardcore brawl that only raises my opinion of him. Still a big fan of Naito though it seemed like there were a handful of bumps that he was not happy about taking. Overall it was a terrific match that squeezes a ton of value out of Jericho's involvement.

Since getting back into wrestling I have now seen two different wrestlers come out to Toby Fox music, and they're both Canadian. The other being Evil Uno who used the Flowey theme a few times at PWG. I loved the main event though it wasn't without flaw as far as spots go. The story telling itself was unreal. Kenny trying to show off the interesting and crazy style of wrestling that he wants to "change the world" with, meanwhile Tana's pushing back against that by trying to prove traditional strong style to be the superior method yet not afraid to meet Kenny in the middle (I marked out hard for the Tana Clash). By the end it was a match that made me feel like pro wrestling is awesome BECAUSE all these different styles and methods can blend together and make something beautiful.

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Finished Slayers Revolution and enjoyed it so much that I blew through Slayers Evolution: R as well. Guess it's settled that this franchise is still one of my favorites. Not going to call it the best thing ever but boy does it entertain me. It's actually at its best as a comedy though the world building can be pretty good for leading up to the cliche' (anti-)climatic magic battle. I suppose my one Chief Beef would be that it recycles main antagonists from the old series which is a shame considering it introduces a few neat new ones. Also there wasn't any resolution to the Naga the Serpent tease.

Been watching Saint Seiya: Saintia Shou and that is a strange thing. I wasn't expecting something to be both a prequel and retcon for the events of the old series. It feels more like Sailor Moon with the Saint Seiya motif. I guess that only applies to the action because it pretty much dumps the school setting completely after the first episode. I don't know how to feel about almost completely doing away with female saints needing to wear masks. That is admittedly a problematic detail from the old show but it was also a neat little touch of continuity for this universe. I suppose technically it might only apply to female warriors who train in the Sanctuary in Greece. Anyway the show itself is sort of mediocre from what I've seen, so that about tracks with the past several years of 'new' stuff from this franchise.

I watched that portion of Baki the Grappler that dropped on Netflix. I was entertained enough by it yet it was honestly kind of gnar gnar. Logic would dictate that this is by all means a fighting show but I felt it was bordering on horror in many cases. I'm not easily unsettled by media yet this show managed to do so. And not even just from the over the top violence, it's more of a body horror type thing with this extreme depiction of muscle on humans. Certainly makes a solid case that you can have too much machismo. Having only seen the first season before this I guess that is in line from what I remember of the old series.

As bad as they made out these ex-cons to be I couldn't bring myself to root against Mr. Dorian as he just seemed like if old Joseph Joestar got carried away with using PEDs. Also it's quite annoying that the title character was barely featured in this part of the series. Felt like he was mostly relegated to some Gohan-esque gym class antics as well as a very robotic romance.

Looking at these I suppose you could say I've been on a "newer versions of classic shows" kick. I keep telling myself that I'm going to get around to the newer Lupin III stuff but I've never gone beyond that one Fujiko Mine series.