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I watched NXT this week just to see Kassius Ohno's return. Having not watched the weekly show for quite a while it was a fairly meh episode. All things told Takeover will likely be the only wrestling thing I watch that weekend, as it was last year.

Setting up a three way tag title match for the Takeover on 'Mania weekend. Ehhhh I don't know. The DIY and Revival matches were such barn burners last year that I find it hard to get excited with The Authors of Pain being in the mix as well.

I remember at the last Takeover I brought up in the chat about whether or not someone would help out Tye Dillenger with Sanity and I was talked down to as if I just started watching wrestling for the first time. Yet fast forwarding several months later Dillenger is teaming with No Way Jose to try to get some revenge on that group. It's not about wrestling logic duders, it's about fictional logic. If there's a faction handing out beat downs to a roster the best thing to do is unite and conquer. It's common sense.

I think Asuka's promos are better when she's blatantly cursing in Japanese.

I thought the main event with Ohno and Roode was just okay. I think the main thing that hurt it was the sedate crowd and the lackadaisical commentary. I'm somewhat disappointed that Ohno's probably going to be wearing the jersey-style top from now on, then again I think I just got use to the image of his gut spilling over his trunks as the sign of a true hoss. What's really going to grind my gears in the long run is that Chris Hero used piledrivers, Kassius Ohno does not.

I'm probably going to try and crash the PWG show this weekend. I keep telling myself that I'm way too blue collar to be going to these events all the time but I think I just have to come to terms with the fact that I'm hopelessly addicted to my local indie promotion. It is my wrestling happy place.

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@hassun said:
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Great, now I have to buy KoFXIV and I don't even own a PS4!

I never post in this thread but holy shit am I excited. This game is finally complete....

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@redhotchilimist: I feel like we've talked about this before... I think the point I was getting at is that I can buy into the nonsensical Musuo mission structure BECAUSE it was a made up story centered around the sort of "military maneuvers". That plot is dumb but better than you might think for what I agree is simply fan fiction. It's better than the story in World RED that's for sure. Basing a game on the actual arcs from the series is seriously distracting to me personally, especially trying to retell it in such a hokey way with a soundtrack that is nowhere near as good as the anime. I will probably go back to it at some point but that story mode was a real slog to play. I never tried the adventure mode or whatever the other thing was called so you'd have to let me know if that is any better.

We'd probably need to talk about it in a more negative thread but PW1 was rooooooough and you might just have to take my word for it. PW2 brought in stuff like: being able to buy character levels with in game currency instead of needing to grind for individual characters, being able to "save" teammates and critical mission NPCs by getting near them to recover their HP, and the team-ups that essentially let you play two characters during a style action. These all seem like no-brainer, quality of life design improvements but this is stuff that Musuo games didn't even bother addressing for the better part of a decade prior to these One Piece games. Good iteration is hard to come by in a lot of games and I think PW2 hit it a way that didn't think that developer was capable of so I try to compliment it as much as I can.

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I was also really into One Piece Pirate Warriors 3. It was my first big One Piece game and my first Warriors game, and I liked it quite a bit just as a simplified brawler with fanservicey moves. I enjoyed both playing as the characters I like(Luffy feels incredible to play and I enjoyed being Kuma, too. I played as him during that final alternate mode stage and accidentally recreated the Sabaody arc) and seeing them trying to adapt the whole story. Some parts work better than others, though. Maybe make more than a single stage for a 10+ volume arc next time guys?

@riostarwind said:

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 which is one of the best Dynasty Warriors game to come out in the past few years. It managed to encapsulate what was good about smashing through a bunch of enemies by making it crazy. Plus every character was super fast plus they could cancel their attacks by dashing. Thanks to this any Warriors game that is a tad slow is pretty boring now unless it mixes things up in some other way.

My people!

Not trying to disparage you guys' love of this game since I honestly haven't played enough of it. However I maintain that Pirate Warriors 2 is a better game by virtue of a) being the game to pioneer a lot of the improvements in the Musuo formula that carried into PW3 and b) not butchering the source material by shoehorning the awesome One Piece story into the Musuo style of level design in a super contrived way. That being said I think both PW 2 and 3 show that there's still some dumb fun to be had with these kinds of games if you apply it to the right franchise with the right kind of styyyyyyle.

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The only ones I had subscriptions for were EGM, Tips & Tricks, and Game Informer with EGM as the one I stuck with the longest. Keep in mind I was still living in Guam for a lot of this time so they came in the mail sometimes at a snail's pace. The one I had most recently was GI some years back mainly due to the convenience of having it tied to my previous Gamestop membership. Sometimes I would buy an odd issue of GamePro or Official PlayStation Mag off a news stand (-member news stands?) but I mainly gravitated towards the aforementioned monthly mags. I remember avoiding PC magazines because it was too depressing to read about the amazing games that I was missing out on by not having up to date computer hardware.

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First thing to come to mind are the [PROTOTYPE] games. The open world mechanics and activities were far from polished. There's just enough jank that it's hard to recommend these games outright. Not to mention the story is a bunch of dumb bullshit that takes itself too seriously and the characters suck ass but damn it if I didn't get some guilty pleasure out of the freedom of movement and the badass bio-powers. There's just so much wasted potential within the design of those games that I think could be adapted for cooler franchises. It would have been a real shame if this brand of open world locomotion faded into obscurity but luckily Saints Row IV allowed it to exist in a better video game.

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@hunkulese: I suppose I'm just not privy to how much he made in the lawsuit though now that I think about it, relative to the damage on his body he probably didn't make that much in the grand scheme of things.

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I maintain that WWE is where top tier wrestlers should go to retire. Take more bookings, make more money, and all while using only about 60% of the moves you're known for. And if you really fuck yourself up in the ring there's a chance they can find something for you to do behind the scenes. I can understand why it's so enticing for so many talents but it seriously feels detrimental for someone like me who's only interested in alternative promotions. It's weird because wrestling still has those shady roots of scamming people out of money and in some ways it still is that sort of hustle even after being so exposed. I'm of the opinion that the primary goal for being on the main roster should be scamming as much money out of Vince as possible and making sure that he scams as little back from you as possible. In that respect one could say CM Punk was one of the biggest successes to ever go through there, even if his reputation took a pretty big nosedive since then.

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Based on how things were set up at the anniversary shows, New Japan Cup is gonna be good you guys.

I'm sad that Yano/Ishii are no longer IWGP Tag champs. I think the brief run they had was the most I ever cared about those belts since getting into New Japan. The match they lost at the anniversary show was really good only because I cared so much, and I still think Tenzan is bad. While Kenny has been my absolute favorite dude for the better part of two years I almost want Ishii to advance in the first round because it would do more good for him than it would for Omega. The winner of that match will be my favorite to win no matter who it is.

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Even spending a minute reading results was disappointing. You know it's weird I've heard Jim Ross on several occasions talk about how a wrestler's greatest selling point is "reliability". You look at the booking in the main roster and that clearly does not apply. You've got Goldberg, getting the big main event money match at 'Mania when he has a history of being one of the most unreliable guys to ever be on top. Not to mention it's a rematch of one of the worst high profile 'Mania matches ever. I suppose it depends on how you define reliability. If it means hurting yourself and others on numerous occasions, being bad at promos, and generally having a shit attitude towards the business, Goldberg's your guy. Then again I was never much of a WCW fan growing up so maybe the nostalgic marks see something I don't. In my heart the main event at 'Mania should be Styles vs Nakamura but that's just me being you know...a fan of wrestling and not the celebrity circus bullshit.

@drdarkstryfe: Thank goodness. I've been waiting on bated breath for some good news. Pro wrestling is a happier place with Honma in it.

Toronto Indie Update: The London Riots vs French lumberjacks Tabarnak De Team was absolute fire and one of my favourite live match experiences. Rest of the show was fun too, and really reminded me how much of a bummer it is that Super Smash Bros. are stuck outside of the American indie scene because they fucking rule.

Good to know that SMASH is still going strong. After having recently watched DDT4 2012 and really enjoying the stuff Evil Uno did in PWG last year, I definitely think we're missing out by not having SSB working stateside.