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The most recent one for me was Oxenfree and with the way that game is written and structured you NEED to play it at least twice to get a real appreciation for it. I honestly wouldn't mind playing through it a couple more times but I think my love of that game may have peaked by the end of that second play through.

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Probably no for me. I'm not above watching it at some point but it has zero appeal to me personally. I know @babychoochoo's answer to this poll must be a resounding yes....

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I found out third hand that Sasha Banks visited the store I work at for some promotional thing and it was on a day I had to call in sick from the flu. Not that I would have had the nerve to approach her in any way but damn my luck, damn it to hell.

@dazzhardy: I mainly know Shayna Baszler from seeing her at PWG shows. When I started seeing her in Stardom promo images I was like, "Hey, I know that girl!" Still not watching Stardom but I do hope she develops into a worthwhile wrestler down the line after working with such top talent.

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@mezmero said:

And yeah Destiny over Wolfenstein is another crazy one.

Destiny, a genre-defining game that is still played to this day, beating out Wolfenstein, a mediocre shooter that is all but forgotten, is insane?


Totally agree on MK9 though. Probably the best game that year.

Point taken though the state Destiny was in by the end of 2014 is not something I felt was worth rewarding in any shape or form. It only took a handful of hours for that game to bore me to tears.

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I'd say having LA Noire on the 2011 site top ten over Mortal Kombat (9) was a grievous mistake. LA Noire was just a decent adventure game with a really slick presentation. Mortal Kombat 9 had the best single player campaign of any fighting game ever and was fun to play with friends to boot. Knocking it because of online issues was silly considering that it got ironed out by the end of the year. And yeah Destiny over Wolfenstein is another crazy one.

If we're talking games robbed a number one spot on the site list I think choosing Uncharted 2 over Arkham Asylum was insane, especially when you consider that Brad, the one who fought hardest for UC2, retroactively refers to AA as "Close to a perfect video game," yet he looks back at UC2 with sheer ambivalence. Only other one is Mario Maker over Rocket League when RL clearly had the support. I can admit that was a weird case since people who would've gone to bat for Rocket League probably liked MGSV more. Every other year I was okay with their selection.

If I were to take the thread title literally: I had a PSP with Valkyrie Profile in it stolen from me at work.

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Not sure why Dan is so obsessed with people thinking he's a "man of his word". What's wrong with admitting to being a liar and a coward? I've had plenty of friends over the years that are liars and cowards and they seem fine outside of the lies and cowardice. Of course I'm not because I'm a man of my word but that's not the point.

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I've watched the Royal Rumble every year since getting back into wrestling in 2014 only by virtue of crashing my big bros viewing party. However the only Wrestlemania I watched in that span of time was 30. Not only did that have a great story going in for the main event but it made me start watching weekly, before I figured out that I didn't like most of their programming in less than a year and stopped watching yet again. I lump this year's WM in the same as the past two, which is to say I don't want to watch it nor do I feel the need to watch it. That show feels more like Vince's birthday where the talent will bend over backwards to placate his psychotic sensibilities and the fans will show up in droves to pay him back for giving them one of the best eras of wrestling...back in the late 90's...

My stance remains the same of feeling disgusted that they insist to push the two mega-jock ex-pro sport celebrities to the moon and yet still let a guy like Cesaro flounder for 3 FUCKING YEARS STRAIGHT. Go ahead and bring up whatever tag runs he had in that time, the fact remains he doesn't have momentum and probably never will. One could even say that the Wyatts still don't have momentum despite apparently winning some matches for the past couple weeks. A couple weeks of wins does not equal momentum but I suppose nothing does when your audience accepts whatever you put in front of them. I've tried to scale back on ranting about a product that I don't watch in this thread but I am so sick of them getting a pass simply because they're still the biggest wrestling company who for whatever reason still don't even want to call it "wrestling".

The only wrestling media I've consumed this week was listening to The Best Friends host the Art of Wrestling podcast. I love what overgrown children Dustin and Greg are though to be fair I'm around their age and I still act like an overgrown child quite often.

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Some times some crimes go slipping through the cracks. Such as the crime of forgetting how far video games have come. I think I was more into Cleo from Heathcliff back in the day. I can't imagine my love of games being as strong as it is today without the days of the arcades, the NES and beyond to inform my tastes. By that same token I look at hardware that I missed out on like the Atari, Intellivision etc. and I think that most of those games seem bad even for their time. Like seriously how can you look at that Atari version of Pac-Man and not think that it's a burning pile of trash? Because of that I think I can understand why younger gamers can't appreciate the stuff that I myself am nostalgic for. Mike Drucker is A-okay in my book. These articles he does are always a pleasant read. Keep up the good work duder.

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Bummer. I felt for a while now that although Drew clearly still has a love of games his interests always seem to aim much higher (to the skies and then to space). He will be missed, and to be quite honest I'm somewhat worried for the general health of this website with a hole like this to fill. Been a pleasure Drew, good luck with all your life hacking endeavors.