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Finished Yakuza 0's main story. I love this game. Making Majima-san a playable character in this plot is one of the coolest things Sega has done in years. Not only is it one of my favorite games set in the 80's but it's also one of the best wrestling games I've ever played. Lot of great wrestling moves and high spots throughout the combat. I know come the end of the year people will still be creaming their pants over the Nier soundtrack but the music in Yakuza 0 really is terrific and deserves a call out or two. It's crazy that the structure of this game isn't that much different from even the first two games in the series, which are essentially evolved versions of River City Ransom (and Shenmue). However it adds just enough weirdness to its styyyyyyyle and gravitas to its story that I can't recommend it enough. Not sure if I'll go down the 100% completion route since I merely rented it but there is a ton of variety in the side quests that could keep you busy for hours and hours if you so desire, and most of them feature a goofy weird conclusion that are often worth a laugh.

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Unfortunately I went to bed shortly after Ricky Steamboat took the stage. I would've wanted to see Kurt Angle's speech but DDP was the important one for me personally. He's kind of the polar opposite of Kurt because Angle came into the biz with everything going for him whereas DDP came in with everything working against him. I think all the inductees were extremely deserving. it's just that Page had a more meaningful impact on my love of wrestling as a kid as well as my physical health as an adult. It was a long induction for sure but there were a lot of important points about his career that needed to be covered.

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I feel like I made a mistake by going to work instead of staying home to catch Joey Janela's Spring Break. Sounds like something that would be right up my alley.

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They should've added Shingo to KoF instead of stupid Whip. The other three are terrific additions.

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@deepspace9mm: I mean I personally would recommend it. It's worth noting that @shinmaru007 also attended that show and I'm pretty sure he'd back me up on that. I'd even suggest pre-ordering the next show as well even though it'll probably be in post-production for at least another month. In addition to featuring a ton of awesome fresh match ups, they're both pretty pivotal parts of the Best Friends "story line" which is one of the only long-ish running narratives remaining in the promotion.

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Gintama sure has been banana pancakes with this Rakuyo arc. I was more than happy to wait and see it in anime form because it remains one my favorite TV shows period. I've always loved that no matter how crazy it gets with its science fiction it still very much feels distinctly Japanese in theme and styyyyyle. Also a lot of good use of mythological imagery from Asia in general based on the way Gori-sensei designs some of these aliens.

I for one have been digging the new Samurai Jack. I think I would still say that Dexter's Lab is my all time favorite Tartakovsky cartoon but even during the Y7 days I thought Samurai Jack was the closest thing he got to a magnum opus in his career. Not to say he wasn't still doing good stuff afterwards but I never felt as much passion in some of his later work as I got from some Samurai Jack episodes.

Finished the first act of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu and liked it quite a bit. A lot of tragedy surrounding friends, lovers, and an entire performance art that affected me in a way I wasn't expecting. Seemed like a story that didn't necessarily need to be animated but it worked remarkably well. It's good to know that I can jump into season 2 already. I think my heart strings need a break before I do that.

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I rented Street Fighter V by mail, played it for a little bit, and sent it back the next day. Mind you this was the early weeks of this game before there was any reasonable amount of content added. Playing it made me realize at least two things:

1. There's fuck all single player content.

2. If I were to ever get competitive in this game I would need to buy a fight pad. Not a fight stick, I'm better with a pad. Given how tepid I was on the state of the game that did not seem like a worthwhile investment.

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To be perfectly honest I would still be playing Titantfall 2 multiplayer regularly if there weren't so many great games being released. I still love that game.

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You can lump me in with people who didn't really care for it. Felt like a fluff piece for a slow season of releases(that turned out not to be so slow). I would've rather had more Quick Looks of random bullshit than even more Let's Play style content that is eating up the production pipeline but that's just me.

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Personally I'm not really a fan of ROH. While I admit that they book some of the best talent in the world they also have a crappy commentary team and attract a crowd that are a little too smarky for my taste. There's also the matter of their shitty business practices like bringing in proven talent and forcing them to pay for their seminars before they book them at all, with no guarantee that they'll go any further than a debut match. All that being said the last thing in the world that I want is for them to get bought up and forced to adapt that homogenized WWE style that nearly killed off my love of wrestling entirely. Then again you look at a lot of talent that have gone through NXT and onto the main roster and it makes ROH seem like just another feeder promotion in the grand scheme of things. If I'm to feel good about a buyout at all I need to know that some of that money is going to the wrestlers that made that promotion worth watching. I just need any assurance that the wrestlers are benefiting in any way from this which cynically speaking, seems unlikely.