Greatest (Multiplayer) First Person Shooters of All Time

The main purpose of the list is to choose the best mulit-player framework. Or at least what I thought was the best.

List items

  • It breaks my heart that this game just kind of vanished into obscurity. The tragedy of Tribes is that almost all modern multi-player FPS games owe this game some due credit for doing almost every mechanic we take for granted today first. Vehicles? Check. Classes? Check. Load outs? Check. Deploy-able Equipment? Check. The list goes on. Throw in huge maps, jet packs, and mod support, and this game is in a league of it's own that no one has replicated. At the same time it was all a little too much and latency was a big problem, but this game is my #1 because I've yet to experience a game that stirred my emotions when viewing the multi-player as much as this.

  • It always felt like this genre was gravitating towards this game. Battlefield created a sense of scale that made it feel like a war was going on all around you. Despite all the goofy shit people would do within the game engine, it had a depth that makes this game a crown jewel in multi-player design.

  • I've played enough shooters over the years to know that the last thing people want to do in a multi-player match is cooperate. You can call a mode "team-deathmatch" all you want but it doesn't change the fact that most everyone's out for themselves. Left 4 Dead is the only modern title to make it to my list because it introduces the idea of"forced co-op," which makes cooperation the only thing that can keep that Smoker tongue from killing you.

  • This was the first and only console game that I actually attended a console-based LAN party. I don't know if you've heard but Bungie really streamlined what it means to make an FPS work well on a console and that translated into a one of a kind multi-player experience that could only be enjoyed by a LAN until the release of the sequel.