2011 Renaissance Year for games (for me)?

So will 2011 be a personal Renaissance year?  It might just be.  Right now I'm looking at four main first-week purchases this year:
Bulletstorm (check)
Duke Nukem Forever
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Secondarily, I will probably pick up ME3, but other games I'm somewhat interested in (Skyrim and Da2) will probably wait until 2012.  So for starters, I'm pretty much always looking for that game that is just long enough that there's an actual campaign, but also short enough I can play over and over.  Something with general gameplay appeal.  Last year I was hoping WET would be my game.  It, alas, was not.  I thoroughly enjoyed the one complete play through I made but on the second attempt, all the little things that made the gameplay worse really got to me and I put it away.  Bulletstorm looks like it will be that game for me.  Something I genuinely enjoy and something which is short enough I can play again and again.  
Now on to the Renaissance year topic.  Deus Ex was a watershed game for me.  Opened my mind up to games that are (what I consider) truly 'open.'  Going back to the liberty island level, I can think of at least three different ways to approach the level:
1) Rush to Geunter (front door, guns blazing), set him free and let him kill everyone
2) Sneak in the back, take down a few guards, let Geunter free
3) Kill everyone, meet Geunter, tell him I killed everyone and he can go suck an egg.
And there's more than that, I know.  Those are just off the top of my head.  Not to say that this new game will respect that asthetic- but I'm hopeful.  At the very least, Deus Ex (the first) was the single reason I spent alot of high school nights and college nights up late reading about the real world counterparts to the story (and mythological counterparts).  This, I'm hoping is what really carries over, even at the expense of previous gameplay loves of mine.  
Bulletstorm, Rage and DNF are the pulp I've been craving. 
Military themed games I own:
BF BC 1 & 2
CoD Modern Warfare 2
Halo 3
Let's say that I enjoy the battlefield stuff, though in general I'm moved on from shooters on the PC.  Consider that a weakness.  I do.  So I could see myself buying another battlefield game on the 360, but probably won't purchase BF3 on the PC.  I sincerely doubt I will be buying anymore CoD or Halo games.  Honestly, other than DICE games, I'm pretty much ready to say I won't be purchasing military themed (read: trying to be realistic) shooters for the forseeable future.  That includes Gears, btw.
But I love shooters- which means I need something to feed my appetite.  So that brings me to the 'throwback' games coming out this year I listed.  So far Bulletstorm has been what I would consider a success, and sequel wise, let's just say they ought release a sequel because I'm buying.  I'll probably buy DNF and Rage almost site unseen because they have what I want.  Gore, unrealisticness, and immaturity.  Which I feel needs to come to shooters, they've been so serious.  Seriously, I think this year these games will do to the shooter genre what Ledger did for the Joker.  Bringing a smile to my face with a sharp pointy (or dull and rusty as it may have been) knife.