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Hey folks, just thought this might be worth a laugh.

I pulled a bunch of game entries from the wiki via the api, "cleaned" them into a kind of markdown, and tuned the 335M GPT-2 model against them. You can find a bunch of results in this repo.

Most of the entries are pretty nonsensical, and the model really likes repetition (King of Fighters '98 being a good example of that). It also sometimes isn't especially novel, taking real game names and generating very wrong descriptions of them. Sometimes, though, it puts together somethingthatalmostmakessomekindofsense.

This basically uses the same approach as the "wint but AI" twitter, but without the curation (because I don't have that kind of time). Putting together a bot is actually super easy and doesn't even require any special hardware, see this article.

Anyway, hope y'all can get a laugh out of it. And, as always with AI shit, it can sometimes generate some stuff that might come across as offensive... so if you notice something like that please do let me know so I can remove it.