Weekend Gaming! 02.12.10

The Superbowl and football season are over with, but the NBA All-Star weekend and Olympics are just getting started!  Even if you don't like watching basketball, you might want to tune in for the Slam Dunk Competition on Saturday.  It's usually pretty entertaining.  When I'm not watching sports this weekend, I'll be putting a few hours into the following games:

  • Forza 3  (360):  Now that I have a 360 that can read my hard drive again, I'll be picking up where I left off in Forza 3 (midway through season 6 of 6).  I think I'm going for an S-rank in this game.  Only 3 achievements away, but it'll take a lot of time to complete all of the races this game has to offer.  I'm 25 hours in and I'm 23% done this game.  Also, while away from this game, 11 more people bought the RebelFM vinyl I posted on my storefront, so I had some credits waiting for me when I got back.  Sweet deal!
  • Modern Warfare 2  (360):  I'll jump back into the multiplayer this weekend.  I think I'm up to Prestige 1, Level 45 now with 88 hours of total playtime.  I'm probably going to suck at it because I haven't played in 3 weeks or so, but oh well.
  • Mass Effect  (360):  I've got to playthrough this damn game so I can play the second one.  I just wish it wasn't so broken!  This is my 4th attempt restarting this game and right now I just got off the Citadel.
  • NHL '09  (360):  I'm in the mood for some hockey.  Also, I'm glad that the Bruins won their last three games after losing ten straight!