The new Vanquish trailer.

Vanquish is a game that really piqued my interest upon first hearing about it. Learning that Mikami was involved got me even more excited about the game. Gametrailers has posted a new trailer for Vanquish which includes some gameplay sequences that look really fast and dynamic. I only hope that the game retains this sense of speed when it is released. Take a look. 


Anybody play Disc Golf?

I recently just moved and there is a Disc Golf course in a park behind my apartment. I used to play a long time ago when I was in High School, but never really got really into it. The other day I copped some discs and went out to play with some friends. My drives were only around 200', I lost my friends champion wraith (Ugh...), and I finished 18 holes one over par. Still, I think I did alright, and since there's a course behind my place I'll be playing a lot more!  
I was just wondering if anybody else played? Also, if anyone is looking to sell a 10-15 disc bag I'd be interested!


I've got a Rally IV game console I want to sell.

A few years ago I came across a Rally IV console at a thrift store. I'm moving to another state and I'm looking to slim down my gaming collection. The problem is I have no idea how much I can sell this thing for. It's in great condition and the original box is in decent shape. Sadly, I don't know what became of the instruction booklet. It was made in 1977 and plays squash, tennis, hockey, and has a practice game. The game variants are selected by turning a dial. Does anyone know how much I can get for this thing? I've included a picture below. Although it isn't my particular console and box, mine looks exactly the same. 

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GameCrazy might be closing for good.

Apparently Joystiq has ran an article claiming that GameCrazy is closing it's remaining stores. This is a sad day for me consider I can walk to one. Thoughts?


Allen Iverson's return to the Sixers.

So, what do you think about Iverson's return to Philly? He had a decent game against Denver, (11 points, 6 assists, and 5 rebounds). I'm personally glad he's back this season, and wish him and Philly the best.

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