My new gaming home

Really good concept. All about having fun with games and communicating with other gamers. The site seems to have kind off a personality. Partly because of the editors and also all the great users here.  Design looks good and the navigation is ok. Just have to get used to it. There is a few bugs like the list feature is not working (at least not for mee) and the site is a bit slow right now. But these things are to be expected. The site is getting mad hit and ofcource it has to be tested out buy a bunch of new users first to iron it out. I will definatly use this site is my home for gaming friends and information.

I really hope the staff change their mind an make a subscriber option. I would gladly pay 10 bucks a month or so. This money I save anyways not having to buy magazines and not buying bad games since I can figure out if the games I am interrested in is for mee here.