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@dudeglove: You may have hit the nail on the head there. I remember when the iPhone was initially opened up for app developers and I jumped on the bandwagon along with a friend of mine. It was a gold mine due to lack of competition, but then the tech blogs and *shudder* print publications got wind of this, started writing articles about this untapped source of money and the floodgates were open as people moved in to try to make a quick buck without too much effort.

When Flappy Bird came out it spawned a thousand copy cats. People saw the success and wanted a piece, but instead of learning from what the game did well (simple gameplay, hard as shit, quick restart) they instead just copied the game completely and the App Store suddenly had a slew of Fappy Birds and Flappy Toasters and Flap that Birds.

I think the same attitude is fuelling the sudden surge in Unity-based games that throw together pre-made assets and try to push it out to Steam without any real effort behind it. Unity (and Steam Greenlight) has made it stupidly easy to make and release a game and so people who have no business making games are flooding the market with unplayable turds in an effort to get at that sweet sweet gamer cash. And they're pulling everyone around with them, considering the bad reputation Unity is getting from all this bullshit. /rant

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@mexisushi: Very good point. The adoption rate for smartphones is somewhat unprecedented so there is a big chance that the metrics are skewed by an influx of new users rather than a change in habit amongst existing users.

Dancing CG boobies.

Heh, that sounds like those "Play Now My Lord" ads infecting the real world. The study was US-centered, so it's impossible to make predictions on gaming trends based solely on the market analysis in a single country, but it wouldn't surprise me if the situation is somewhat similar in most western european countries. In Norway I have seen a total of one commercial for a free-to-play game and it was a Norwegian clone of Plants vs. Zombies which had some backing from some public grant. However, the markets in Asian countries are in a world of their own seeing as they are large enough to be self-sustaining without having to hang of the US' coat tails.

@generic_username: Oh, for sure. Freemium is here to stay, no doubt about that. My question was more pertaining to the "gold rush" that was supposed to create a brave new world where free-to-play was the norm and everyone and their mothers were gamers (your exact situation notwithstanding). I'm inclined to believe the analysts who said that the future of mobile gaming was going to be freemium-centric, but my argument was more that this narrow view of what can be done in the mobile space has somewhat poised the well. Only a massive marketing budget can penetrate people's bullshit barrier since we've been burned on mobile games too often.

However, there is a big chance that I'm reading too much into it since I am personally not interested in games with energy bars or pay-to-win mechanics. Perhaps this shift in the market is because a large group of younger users, who prefer streaming than gaming themselves, are shifting the statistics in their favour since their 4-hour YouTube sessions dwarf the 5-10 minutes people play games on the bus.

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@rammone4: Sounds good, mate. PM me if you want any help. Another PROTIP I have is if you are collaborating with may people on a project you should use a GitHub organization because it just lets you add/remove people as they flit in and out of the project. You can even hand it over to someone else if you want to go off and do something else.

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@rammone4: I'll try to respond to your responses one at a time.

Multiple systems: I realise that it's not a very common use case, but I was just surprised that the filtering didn't react the way I expected when I clicked on one system and then another. It's probably no big deal, especially now in the beginning though.

Login: I was taken aback at the lack of regular e-mail logins considering how many choices there were, but I do see your point in avoiding storing passwords. Learning to do that right would take you a university degree and a decade of experience (and you'll still probably forget something). Anyway, logging in with Steam was a logical choice, but to be honest I don't think you need that many identity providers, especially since you require e-mail anyway (why do you require an e-mail?) You may want to poll your user base after a while to see if people are actually using the Google+ or Twitter logins and maybe ditch the one people aren't using as a way to clean up the login screen.

It's a shame about the lack of PlayStation/Xbox APIs, but maybe you should focus on Steam integration if there are cool features to hook into there (be able to automagically join a Steam group and show "currently in game" statuses?) and leave the console people to handle that stuff manually. If you're aiming for mobiles as well maybe there is something to get from hooking to GameCenter or Google Play.

Landing page: Quick implementation. I like that.

Open sourcing: I'm following you on GitHub in case you open it up to pull requests. As for storing your API keys in the repo I would really recommend finding some way to use an external config file which sits on the server (and locally for testing) that isn't under version control so that other people's mistakes don't result in you get fucked over.

You'll probably get a lot of good (albeit opinionated) feedback from places like this and /r/gaming, but maybe you should have a feedback form on your site as well. Just place to easily send "this feature don't work" or "please give me this" from regular humans who use the site. I don't want to demand a lot because it's so easy for a project like this to crumble under the weight of it's own feature creep so just take everything I say as suggestions to think about rather than demands. I'm not really the audience for this kind of thing as I don't play multiplayers games very often, I just have a lot of experience building web apps.

PS: Not TMI for me. I love talking shop :3

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I'm sorry to interject with my shenanigans, but I have a certain Chrome plugin which makes reading such threads quite entertaining:

Butt saves are only for PS+ members.

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Hey, I gave it another look and had some questions/suggestions:

  • Would it be possible to select multiple systems at one time?
  • Can I login without using Facebook/Twitter/Google/Steam?
  • Crazy idea, but can you login with your PlayStation or Xbox accounts? Not sure they support that.
  • Any way to get back to the landing page from the main page? Going to http://www.parallel.team/ I go straight to the app which is great for me once I know about it, but hard to share with others.

*Edit: Alternatively, how about open sourcing it? ;)

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I totally see where you're coming from. I have this aspiration to be a retro games collector, but that dream fades quickly when I consider how much it will cost, the time it takes to find (and maybe repair) the games and the amount of space I'll have to dedicate to them. I never had a Genesis growing up, but I've played the classics through other means (legit and not-so-legit) so I know what the system and games are like. Still there is a certain allure to reliving a childhood I never had, I guess.

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Very nice looking page, super modern and sleek. One bug is that I get a horizontal scrollbar on the landing page (Chrome 45 on Mac, 996x682 window size).

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    @igorchernakov: It's funny to think about that when I wrote this blog post two years ago Unity Asset Flipping wasn't a thing. Now it is and it's a damned shame. The Unreal Engine is free now too and has its own asset store, so I wonder if any of those sleazy developers will just ditch Unity now that they've poisoned the well and instead move onto an engine which doesn't have the same stigma.

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    Is this still not possible? I started a post a while ago and then realised it was dumb so I tried to delete it but then it didn't want to so I just changed the title to "Deleted Blog" but it's still there and it looks at me when I sleep and now I'm scared so maybe help me please?