What are video games?

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A beautiful game that gets boring way too quickly 0

Armello is a digital board game of royal intrigue featuring characters that look like they belong in a children's cartoon, aptly described by Kotaku as "like Game of Thrones, only with animals". In it you take control of one of four anthropomorphic animals from different clans (Wolf clan, Bear clan, Rabbit clan and Rat clan) who vie over the throne as their king, a lion (as is tradition), is sick with something called The Rot and has lost his mind. You move across a map of hexagonal tiles with t...

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A creepy and unsettling experience 0

Year Walk can be summed up neatly in a single word: unsettling. It relies on a minimalistic interface and a unique art style to present a world where everything is a just little off. The game focuses more on exploration than strict puzzle solving and you're left to decipher what things mean for yourself without any clear indication on what to do.The game is about a young man who undergoes a Swedish tradition known as a "year walk" where you isolate and starve yourself for a day and then wander t...

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An atmospheric and intriguing game held back by technical limitations and unrefinement. 0

Anna is a first-person psychological horror game wherein you play as a professor who has come to a sawmill in the woods in search of "Anna", a person who seems more of a mystery than a memory. The game takes place entirely within and around the cabin and requires you to complete typical adventure game puzzles while piecing together the story from events and lore found throughout the game.The atmosphere in the game is by far its greatest strength, which is important for a game that sets out to sc...

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A little bit of tribute goes a long way 0

This article was originally posted on BnBGamingon February 19th, 2011.Texting of the Bread is the first game from ScrewAttack Games and is a tribute to the Dreamcast classic Typing of the Dead, but instead of shooting zombies you're using a super-powered milk cannon to take on hordes of gingerbread men.The GoodThe game works really well, the typing is fast and responsive, the enemies come at a fast but not unrealistic pace, and the whole experience is fun as long as you can keep up. The simple g...

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Pennies on the Dollar 0

This article was originally posted on BnBGamingon February 6th, 2011.Penny Arcade is an online webcomic that follows the antics of two gamers named Tycho and Gabe, whose real life counterparts Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik write and draw the comic. They are veterans of the gaming comic scene and have their own charity, gaming convention, podcast, live video series and thanks to Hothead Games their own videogame, an RPG/adventure hybrid loosely based on the comic.The game is set in a fictional ...

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Capcom: Let's take something great and mainstream it to death 0

This article was originally posted on BnBGamingon November 16th, 2010.In a world dominated by cover-based shooters, Resident Evil 5 tears off the shackles of exploration and atmosphere to go play with the big boys.Note: This game was reviewed on the PC and has the stink of a bad console port. Be warned that the reviewer may be a little bitter.Resident Evil is considered by many to be the first true survival horror game, although some may demand that honor be reserved for Haunted House, and it ha...

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What mobile games should aim to be 0

Pro Zombie Soccer is a little mobile game that takes a novel approach to the zombie genre. You control a slacker who has been bitten by a zombie and discovers that he has the capacity to kick a soccer ball really hard and kill the shambling undead. Cue dozens of levels of zombie-ball mayhem as you kick your way to discovering and destroying the root of all the zombies.The control scheme is built for a touch screen as you press to ready your shot and change the angle by moving your finger up and ...

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Free Running is flawed 1

The concept behind the game is a good one: have the player take control over an acrobatic character and then give them freedom to jump around the environment at their leisure. It sounds good but in practice you can't make a good game out of just that. Take the Tony Hawk series of games for example, you can't just give a guy a skateboard, plop him down in a level and then expect him to have fun on his own. The player needs to be directed, pushed, challenged and taught, which is where the game hit...

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