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Midnight Review: The Punisher 0

The Punisher - Arcade - Capcom - 1993Wow man the white Nick Fury kicks ass. No seriously. This guys is good. So I played this old ass arcade game called The Punisher and it’s fucking awesome.First of all, there are two characters that are pretty much palette swaps. Nick Fury and The Punisher. Secondly you walking around pressing the kill button and punch the shit out of anything that gets in your way. The first part of the game has you punching dudes that talk mess and the second part has...

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I like it a lot. 0

Fallout 3 is an old game. The environment is worn down, destroyed and aged. The kitsch 50’s Americana theme harkens back to days long gone. Many of the male characters in the game are in their 70’s at least. Most of these ‘oldy but goody’ themes are highly entertaining and rewarding to witness. Fallout 3’s agedness is not all positive though. The voice acting, combat, environment and glitches all get old quickly, and it puts a damper on an otherwise ambitious and i...

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Pure Gameplay Rush. 0

I played Melty Blood for the first time about three years ago and man is this game great. Fighting games live or die based on their pure and simple mechanics. Some fighting games have a very natural feel to them, All I have to do is grab the controller and I can start performing immediately. Oddly enough, this naturalism isn’t fundamental for a great fighting game. Injustice is a good fighting game and it feels pretty bad. Even Street Fighter and Marvel 3 don’t feel completely fluid...

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Mobile and ready 0

Castlevania as a franchise isn’t super important anymore. Lately it’s polygonal titles (and even a 2D one) have been good to middling to crap according to online aggregate scores. While I’ve never really been captivated by the series, lately I just have not given a shit about Castlevania games. I don’t think I’m missing out. Castlevania has had some real good games though. Supposedly the franchise’s handheld titles have been pretty phenomenal. I decided a few...

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