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The worst game ever....Period! 0

 This is the worst game that I have ever played in my entire life, which is why I am writing this review.So the game itself is horrible, it takes about 15 minutes to beat, there is no replay value what so ever, the combat is boring and broken, the levels are about twelve feet long in total, and blah blah blah blah. We have all heard it before.But what I give to you is the oppurtunity, a great oppurtunity to put into your collection one of the worst games of all time. Cary it with you at all time...

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Stands the test of time as one of the worst star wars games made 0

 I don't think you can find this game to purchase anymore, and thats a very good thing.The graphics are terrible(when the game came out), the gameplay is frustrating and boring, the levels are horrible and really bland, and there really isn't much of a story.Don't buy this game unless you can find it for 2 dollarsor less, because it is possible that you might get a little bit of entertainment out of it's one redeeming quality. The jedi vs. battles which can be played with another person , which ...

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KOTOR II is a perfect example of how an rpg is supposed to feel. 0

 KOTOR II is my personal favorite star wars based game and one of the best rpgs that I have played.Gameplay:Customization is great thanks to the effects the large amount of decisions, powers, and equipment contained in the game. The use of the pause button and easy to use options during battle, make it a very aprochable and fun rpg. I could really go on and on about how great the gameplay is in KOTOR II is, but there is something i have to say instead. The game should have been tested a bit more...

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While old, the great gameplay can not be ignored. 0

 Battle Arena Toshiden is a game that stands the test of time as one of the more enjoyable 2d fighters out there.Graphics: It looks like it should, the character models look pretty good considering they match the overall feel of the game.Sound: It sounds like it should, whether it's the music or the sound effects(which are both great Battle Arena Toshiden has music that reflects it's Japanese fighting tournament sort of vibe.Gameplay: It's simple when you first pick it up, but as you play more a...

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When a puzzle game breaks the mold of tetris 0

 Lumines is the culmination of what a puzzle game should be,Addicting,New,Attractive,with a great sound.No matter what your preferences are or whether or not your looking for a puzzle type game, buy this.The sound effects are perfect when interconnected to its little bit out there music.The look, whether it be the color of the blocks or the animation of eliminating 16 blocks are what a puzzle game should look like. The animations are huge without becoming an eyesore after a few hours of play.I n...

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Everything good about the first and a few new things as well. 0

 This game is what an rts game should be.Really great campaign, amazing gameplay, balanced but very different countries, online play, great selection of units, and a very nice skirmish mode.If you are anyone who DOES NOT despise anything and everything strategy, buy this game and love it.Gameplay: The gameplay is near perfect. With an easy to use format and the size of the battles you can have, it would be hard to make a game any less spectacular than most other rts games. The three "races" you ...

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Everything you've come to love and enjoy, with a little bit extra 0

 Risk II features everything that made risk great, while adding a couple of new gameplay features that play out very well.I'll cut to the chase,If you like risk ,buy this game.If you don't like risk, don't buy this game.The nice battle animations and good choice of music really add to the fell of the game, but don't really change any part of the base game. The new game types, while very well put together, still feel like the core game tweaked. If you don't like it don't buy it.If you do like it,...

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Simple yet enjoyable 0

 I enjoyed this game in the arcades and I have really enjoyed this game for the play station. While not all that deep, which is to be expected from the port of an arcade game, it provides an incredibly entertaining experience playing again and again with friends or against the computer.This is a strange sort of game where its almost meant to be played for short intervals over a long period of time, very arcadish. This is a game that I still play and enjoy with friends and family. Its such an eas...

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