• Symon430 posted on mike’s wall.
    You're an awful moderator. All you do is censor people you don't agree with. Disgusting.
  • ViciousReiven posted on mike’s wall.
    Good job continuing to silence discussion of important topics :3 /s
  • VoshiNova posted on mike’s wall.
    Hey I apologize for being so defensive and antagonistic. I love Giant Bomb, and I think I can take the time to follow some basic rules.
  • Dooley posted on mike’s wall.
    Someone has a thing for Abby :D!
  • The_Dude_Abides posted on mike’s wall.
    you removed my posting privileges for making a lame joke that i deleted immediately anyway? get off that power trip bud.
  • CarsonBWagner posted on mike’s wall.
    Any good reason you closed the thread about Cuphead coming to other systems, besides XBox and PC, except that it's a "three year-old thread?" I see you have a lot of fans.
  • madmadmadmike posted on mike’s wall.
    You're the biggest pricc on the entire site.
  • Lv4Monk posted on mike’s wall.
    I'd like to think opinions could be challenged as poorly reasoned without being told they can't be wrong.
  • Zurv posted on mike’s wall.
    The smelly smell that smells
  • technics posted on mike’s wall.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding on the poll thread. They are in a gradient of "very positive" to "I'd rather use the Xbox Controller". I just wanted to have some fun on it too.
  • Coreymw posted on mike’s wall.
    Hi Mike! I just bought Insurgency and am looking for people to play with. Are you still playing the game? If so, and you are willing, my Steam name is Scruss.
  • RenegadeMike posted on mike’s wall.
    Thanks for telling me to get into NXT timing was perfect. I know who all the Women are that showed up in the main roster because of you! Have you seen Lucha Underground? HOLY $#!^! Way better than WWE
  • sammo21 posted on mike’s wall.
    Hey man, curious about the thread lock and saying I made a "jab at a large base of GB's users" seeing as I am American. Not every comment is made to flame or is a "jab" of some sort...
  • Ninjak posted on mike’s wall.
    My apologies, it shouldn't happen again.
  • Jejoma posted on mike’s wall.
    Hey, man. Thanks for the ban!
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  • pyrodactyl posted a message in the forum topic Two man team for Crota´s End in Hard. on the Destiny board

    First part is highly cheesable and totally doable legit with 2 people. I'm pretty sure you can solo it as a hunter.

  • Nags posted on mike’s wall.
    Wow. I'm glad you closed that thread. It's really weird how people get offended by my own personal decision but I guess even people in the GB community like to console war :(
  • Mike posted a message in the forum topic I made a top 9 Albums of 2014 list because pup videogames. on the Off-Topic board

    @snowden42: Profanity is not permitted in thread titles, so I made the appropriate edit.

  • Mike posted a message in the forum topic Steam has killed consoles for me.... on the PC board

    @professoress: @pyrodactyl: I rarely even use the store, that is probably why I'm not so affected by the clutter. I have Steam set to start with my Library, and seek out games I'm interested in that ...