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I'm going to predict Giant Bomb's Most Disappointing Game of 2014 as Watch Dogs.

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Extra Life 2014 Signed Giant Bumpkin Auction - Redux!

Due to the winner and runner up of the previous auction not responding for whatever reason, we have decided to redo this auction to give more of you a chance to bid on it!

FOR THE KIDS! @oddbit (Lisa A. Striker) carved a Giant Bumpkin LIVE for Extra Life. It's plastic, so it won't turn to mush and it has been signed by all of GB West and most of the guests who were on the Extra Life stream (these pictures were taken prior to the signing). It was originally going to be sent to you by Halloween but that is no longer possible due to the previous bidders failing to follow through. BUT it is plastic so you will have it for all Halloweens to come!

NO JOKE BIDS PLEASE - we will delete any joke bids. Be aware that if you participate you should check this thread and your PMs frequently in case of further instruction or should we try to contact you. Please don't bid any amount of US dollars that you don't intend to donate - if you bid a dollar amount and then wind up retracting it when we contact you, we'll very likely restrict your ability to post for a while, you liar. International or Domestic shipping is included, but please make your bids in US Dollars.

Bidding ends this Saturday, November 1st at 5pm PDT. You will receive a message from Giant Bomb staff or moderators notifying you if you were the winner of this auction; please respond to this message by 5pm PDT November 2nd (Sunday evening) or the next highest bidder will then become the winner of the auction, and we will all shake our heads negatively at you for not helping the kids like you promised, meanie!

Proof of your donation to Extra Life here will be required.

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*Frankenstein hat not included

**Samantha Kalman not included

***More pictures coming