Robots Suplexing Planes - My thoughts on the awesomest MOVIE ever

I know, I know, you must be full of questions now. “Why the plane was suplexed?”, “Suplex is a verb?”, “Crank had robots?” and the most important of all “WHAT MOVIE IS THAT!?”.  
 And to answer all of them in order: Why not?, It should be, No and… REDLINE. Not the 2007 movieThe Japanese one, which not only has ROBOTS SUPLEXING PLANES, but it also has gorillas riding tanks, racing, racing on water, racing on the walls, underground racing, underground racing (This time it’s literal.) and many more Japanese crazy you expect from an anime. 
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The art is amazing. The movie took seven years and over 100,000 hand-made drawings to make, so one could expect that the result would be fantastic.  
 And it is, because every motherhuggin’ frame is a goddamn wallpaper.  
 In the racing scenes, you will not only be amazed by the awesomeness of the thing, but also how BEAUTIFUL the awesomeness is. Also, I’ve just realized that I haven’t said a damn thing about the story of the movie… Well, it’s because the story is REDLINE’s only weak spot.  
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  The story is not bad: A guy who fixes races for the mafia finds himself in the biggest racing tournament in the galaxy. Said race will take place in Roboworld (Or Boboworld, if you’re that kind of guy.) , and the president of the planet is willing to kill every motherfucker who tries to race in there. The guy wants to win. Like I said, it’s not bad. It’s just nothing special.  
 The characters are cool and every car is unique, so it feels  like an episode of Wacky Races. The characters even have introductions, and themes that range from annoying j-pop to super-hero like themes.  
 Even though Redline doesn’t have a unique premise, it is the best racing movie I’ve ever saw. If you like awesomeness, cars, anime, beautiful animation or you simply like cool movies, you MUST watch Redline.  Also, Robots Suplexing Planes:
 My  printscreen doesn't do justice. But oh well, here it is: A Robot suplexing a PLANE.
 My  printscreen doesn't do justice. But oh well, here it is: A Robot suplexing a PLANE.