A Great Change for Gaming

One of the most annoying cliches in gaming is that games don't sell outside of the holiday season. That is how game companies excuse their usual dearth of high-quality games outside of Q4 of most years. 
It has been one of the dumbest ideas in gaming and has been self-defeating for years. Numerous excellent titles just die a slow retail death because there are so many games in October - December that it's really hard to make an impact. 
For the last year or two, though, game companies seem willing to release high-profile titles in "odd" months for the gaming community. Just this year, we've had Darksiders, Bayonetta, Splinter Cell Conviction, God of War III, and Mass Effect 2 launched outside of gaming "prime time" season and all have done fairly well and have shown that gamers are quite willing to sit inside and play games when it's really cold outside. And, hopefully, they will also realize that when it's brutally hot outside...games aren't a bad idea, either.
This is a change I applaud and hope to see continue onwards indefinitely. No more overloading Q4. There are three other quarters and they are more than capable of providing sales to a quality title.  Possibly even moreso than Q4, when there are far more things fighting for your dollar.