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Clever Thought, but Not Perfect 0

 Umm, finally, the worlds of parkour and gaming have collided?Actually, parkour seems like a completely natural thing for gaming and it is a little surprising that this is the first real attempt to bring it to the market. And rather than make it a really sub-par sports game, EA (which has become BOTH the biggest copier of its own games AND the most innovative company out there. A weird dichotomy to be certain, but it's one EA has taken with impressive gusto) turned it into a fun action ti...

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Better than the Alternatives 0

  Edit postThis is a difficult game to review as, well, when compared to the other wrestling game out, it can't possibly be worse. But I don't want to over-rate it, either.I have not messed much with the career mode for a created wrestler, but I have dealt with the original Road to WrestleMania mode, where you take seven different people/teams all the way to WM. You get Roads for Jericho, HHH, Cena, Batista & Misterio, Undertaker, and CM Punk (that was a bit of a surpri...

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Nice but Not Great Title 0

 There have been way too many Namco museums over the years. There just aren't enough games in the Namco brand that haven't released numerous times before on tons of different platforms. I am hoping to never see a Namco Museum again.This one, though, does have some nice features. First off, it contains all of the Namco XBLA titles. Some of them have been truly outstanding (Pac-Man C.E and Galaga Legions) and since Pac-Man C.E. didn't break sales records, this might be your first chance to ...

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GOTY 2008...still amazing in 2010 0

 As somebody who, admittedly, read the complaints of the Fallout community for months about Bethesda's involvement in Fallout 3 instead of original developer Interplay, I had some concerns. True, I like the Morrowind series and thought Oblivion was inspired, but the fans were OUTRAGED~! about the travesty that this game, surely, would devolve into.The game, honestly, is amazing. One of the best RPG's in the last 2 years. Not without some flaws, but nothing to make the game less than a pro...

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Repetitive, but Enjoyable 0

 It's odd that Vikings have been such an ignored centerpiece of a game. They seem to be MADE for gaming. Brutally violent warriors tends to equal FUN game. Well, outside of Blizzard's Lost Vikings, I can't think of a major Viking related title outside of this surprisingly enjoyable --- but not surprisingly violent --- game.Viking follows the path of Skarin, a Viking warlord who is seeking to help his fellow Vikings fight back against the evil Legion. This takes an exceptionally long time...

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An Original Lego Game? Wow 0

 This actually is a different tact for the Lego series. This ISN'T a takeoff of the Batman movies (admittedly, they do have episodes where the main criminal does match the main villain in the first 3 movies) but, instead, unique stories based in the Batman universe.One thing you quickly realize is that DC really does make terrible characters. I'm sorry, but the villains are lame beyond words. Mad Hatter? Seriously kids? Scarecrow? Weak, children. Weak.DC's terrible characters aside, the g...

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Lego IJ Is Awesome 0

 Take the Lego Star Wars treatment to the pre-raped Indiana Jones movie trilogy and what do you have?Gold. Duh.I am well-known to love me some Star Wars games, having adored BOTH Star Wars games on the 360 to date. Lego Indiana continues the series with a game that is easy enough for young kids to complete, but with the usual insane amount of depth for the more hardcore of players. You have the usual categories of characters --- some can jump high and scream, some are small, some have wea...

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Reviews are Baffling 0

   Mercenaries was one of my favorite games last generation. Open as GTA 4 with better weaponry to play with. It really didn't get much better. But, technical limitations killed it as the game was fairly ugly and had almost no view with fog being used so much one would think one was playing N64 Turok.Mercenaries 2 has had, to be gentle, a troubled development cycle. Delayed for a year because the framerate was, apparently, abysmal (It was called "Mercenaries 2: World in Frames" for a reas...

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Not That Bad 0

The Bourne ConspiracyI'll start off with some praise --- I don't think a game on the series could really pull it off better than this game did. It's, possibly, the best realization of the Bourne world.But, the game is still not great. Not remotely great. It's pretty decent and the controls are exceptionally easy to get down --- but depth is a bit lacking. You have 3 hit combos you can use for fighting, but if you just spam "X" and "Y" on the 360 controller, you're borderline unbeatable in any fi...

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Suda's Best...For What That's Worth 0

 For me, few producers are as criminally overrated as Suda 51. That Killer7 became a cult hit is just a demonstration that if something looks "different", quality is immaterial in the eyes of many.NMH came out to amazing reviews. Ended up in the 80's. And while the game does not deserve great scores, it is actually a surprisingly fun game. As usual, a Suda 51 game relies far more on style than on actual substance --- but (and this, admittedly, is not high praise) this is so much better th...

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That Long...For This? 0

After what can generously be described as a "troubled development", Silicon Knights epic Too Human finally got launched. This game has apparently cost Dennis Dyack his, you know, sanity and all --- so was his sacrifice worth it?Well, in terms of just gameplay, yeah. It's an easy-to-pick up and challenging as heck Diablo-style dungeon loot hack-and-slash affair. There is a wealth of customization options. The right stick offense works pretty well. There are the occasional issues with targe...

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Better Than It Has Any Right To Be 0

After an exceptionally long dose of hype, Bayonetta is finally unleashed on the gaming world and one of the more intense character action games is let loose. A game that is proudly an opus to style and flash, Bayonetta takes the gameplay model of Devil May Cry and makes it significantly more fun and enjoyable and provides a much more enjoyable main character to manipulate.  To describe the story is to give it more meaning than the writers did. It is an absurd story with almost no semblance to ac...

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A Very Shallow Experience 0

TNA has long been trying to compete with TNA, basically signing anybody who leaves the WWE, either willingly (Christian) or due to the WWE basically releasing them/burying them (Booker T) or the WWE basically telling them to leave or accept drug counseling (Angle). The matches can be high-octane affairs, but with a tendency to have a very "Seen it before" vibe if you watch more than a few weeks. The writing is amongst the dumbest on the planet, making the gibberish the WWE churns out seem like S...

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Truly Terrible Game 0

Even the early stealth games weren't as tedious as this affair is. While the main character looks nice and I do like the environments, the AI of the enemies is baffling and the game is just another in a long line of the usual "trial and error" gameplay, which is a sign of very broken design. No game should be IMPOSSIBLE to beat on your first playthrough. It should be difficult to do so, but not impossible and this game is impossible.Taking the role of a British spy who, legitimately, did nothing...

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