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Genres and types of games I want to see more of in the future.

Basically a list that will change over time to reflect my nostalgia for certain game types, or genres that I haven't seen in a long time or new settings all together.

List items

  • Having lived through the hay-day of fishing games that were seemingly being release every to every other year on the PC and PSX, I'd really love to see a come back to center stage.

    Imagine if you will, a large lake, a dozen or so online players in a fishing tournament, a randomly stocked lake full of fresh water fish and one hour to catch the best!

    I believe this would play out alot like how the PGA games or Grand Turismo 5, play out in terms of communities, lobbies set up to the style of gameplay you want example "chill and relax" and bullshit over microphones(I know this is how I best experienced those two other games)

  • For a little while much like fishing games, we started building up a nice pace with games set in Ancient Greece, from Spartan Total War to Titans Quest but it has all but stopped with only God of War keeping Hephaestus's forge burning.

    For such a great setting and great mythos why aren't there more games set here? Perhaps because God of War is such a huge name(rightfully so) it's doesn't allow any room without huge financial risk to those considering making a game set in the same mythology.

  • What happened to Submarine games? Perhaps the passion of simulation games have slowly rolled back in favor of first person shooters over the years did that really kill the "niche"?

    If Eagle Dynamics(creators of DCS world, Flanker, Flaming Cliffs KA-50, A-10C) proved anything is that simulations are still fun if only to loose yourself in front of your computer, when other developers have been busy making their games so generic that you don't even need to look at the controls to know exactly what to do, ED have been hard at work making games that make you learn how to play a game them.

    And as panic inducing as flying a aircraft at 15,000 feet is, there is no greater terror then doing it 700 feet under the sea as presented in UBIsofts Silent Hunter series, which bringing this up actually makes me quite sad because of their announcement that the future Silent Hunter game will be browser based........