Making "the" list

I've recently started cataloguing my video game history.  Every game I've ever booted up and sunk a few hours into on every platform.  It's frightening to be confronted with every virtual world you've dedicated time to over the years. 
Basically, I feel a mixture of pride and dismay to have 216 games already on the list and I know that's still only about halfway...  And this is only the list of VIDEO games.  I could easily tack on a few dozen CCGs, pen and paper rpgs, miniture games, wargames, etc. 
And of course, some games, like City of Heroes and World of Warcraft represent 3-4 years of my life so a couple bullet items on a list doesn't really do them justice. 
Anyway, to anyone else who's made this list: how did it make you feel?  


Looking for ps3 games

I finally picked up a ps3 and I've played GoW3 and Heavy Rain so far.  I'm looking for something new and exciting but am not sure what to get.  Any suggestions.