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Games that I really like, but will never finish for a mostly stupid reason

I've played a lot of games. And the vast majority of them I have never finished, nor do I ever plan on finishing them. I'm assuming that the major upside of having grown up in the Intellivision and then NES eras is that I'm used to not ever seeing the ending of a game, so I'm okay with not finishing them and I don't feel like less than a man for it. But then there are games that I really enjoyed until I came across on little hiccup in the playthrough that made me never want to pick it up again
For the sake of clarity, only games with an actual story arc/ campaign are elligable

List items

  • I've put about 63 hours into this game. I got to the Great Gate to close it, which had a time limit and I got lost somewhere. I decided that was more than enough. Your levelling system sucks and I had a few glitched quests, but I still love you.

  • I bought all the GTA games for the PS2. And then for some reason I would get fed up with them and then buy them for the xbox many months later. My second go round with GTA III proved to be much more enjoyable. Until the last boss. I got a lot out of that game, but fuck that chick in the helicopter.

  • I was at the midnight launch. I played some levels, went to sleep, went to school then played some more. Then I got a bullshit checkpoint save in an elevator with two hunters and I'm almost out of ammo. Haven't touched it since. I pulled it out of hiding just before ODST came out, but that didn't do much.

  • Got this when it went up as an xbox original. Got a few levels in, and I was really digging the humour and game play. Then I was asked to find something in the main hub part of the game. I wandered around, realised that I had no idea where I was supposed to be looking, and never touched it again.

  • Not sure why, I just stopped. I think I retried a skirmish and then didn't get a high enough grade for it, so I gave up

  • Fuck you Slayer and your god damned Mosh 1 riff which is too damn fast for a normal person to play. What's worse is that the riff is exactly the same buttons for both hard and expert, leading me to believe that they made it too hard for hard.