My gaming resolutions (not specific to the upcoming year)

A short list of things that I wish to accomplish within games I own or have owned.

List items

  • One more achievment out of it. I don't care which, although it will either be the score 500 000 or survive 250 000. Just give me one more out of it

    EDIT: done

  • I tried so hard to get it on with my noble dwarf rogue (and a chick). We had a thing going. We kissed. We talked about our future together. Even Wynne talked to me about her. But apparantly that wasn't good enough because I missed a dialogue option way back, and we will never trib. I will fix that with a dwarf commoner warrior that will look exactly the same.

    And yes I did the break it off and do her sidequest bit, and it didn't work for me

    EDIT: Nailed her. And all the rest

  • I played the shit out of the sequel, and didn't really enjoy it. So I'm doing it again with this game. I don't know why. I think I just don't like having such a low achievement score for it

  • A few more S ranks on my achievement page. And a few less D's. I realise that means I have to go back to Saw at some point, but I'll do it

    EDIT: Whored my way from 43K to 50K. I feel dirty