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Let’s torture an adolescent girl! (Episode 1: All That Remains) 2

Warning: Probably some spoilersI’ll admit to be very skeptical in regards to the second season of Tell Tale’s The Walking Dead games because I’m very much of a mind that lightning can’t strike twice. That first series was so unexpectedly amazing that I the bar is now so high that I can only assume that there will be all sorts of attempts at emotional manipulation to get people sucked into these new episodes.So far, I think I’m right.All That Remains comes across like Wally Lamb style misery por...

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Assassin's Creed III review 2

I don’t think I’ve ever played a game that created so many conflicting opinions in myself that I’m left unsure as to what I actually think of it. Assassin’s Creed III is partially the best game of the series, and is partially a broken, convoluted mess that crumbles under the weight of its own ambitions. But believe me, those are some lofty ambitions that Ubisoft is chasing.The most obvious change to the game is that after three outings, we finally get a new protagonist and era to explore and sli...

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Drake's Misfortune 0

It is hard not to go into Uncharted 3 with lofty expectations. 2009's Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was a stellar blend of cinematic action, frenetic pacing and spectacular set pieces that combined together to make it one of the best games of that year. Unfortunately, the follow-up title's attempts to match that seem to have fallen short.Let's start with the great: this game looks fantastic. I don't know what sort of artist and programming wizards they employ at Naughty Dog, but everything is beaut...

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No wrench in these gears 0

One thing that I absolutely did not expect to say about the 3rd chapter of what is arguably the most influential game of the current console generation, is emotional resonance. However here I am after 10-ish hours of playing and actually thinking about the events that transpired. Now it should be stated that first and foremost, GoW3 is mostly a formulaic adventure that moves you quickly from one crisis to another, trying to find X or collect Y, for the greater good of the motley band of CoG sold...

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The deepest black 0

There's a lot to be said for a strong single player narrative. As a person that will rarely ever delve into a game's multi player component, I can appreciate when the time and effort has been put into a game in order to create an engrossing solo experience.Such is the case with LA Noire. Although prominently displaying the Rockstar name on the box, this is not your typical havoc wreaking, rags-to-riches/retribution story. Instead we are treated to a strong period piece that is far more content w...

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GoW III review 9

A funny thing happened a few hours into God of War III: it became really, really amazing. Perhaps it was the over hyping of the first 30 minutes that so many previews had gushed about. Perhaps it was the considerable increase in hack’n’slashery that I had done this year. Maybe it was even the incredibly misguided Platinum trophy runs of Dante’s Inferno that I had done, but I just was not into this game at all. The giant bosses, the same combat I had played with twice before, and the puzzles whic...

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God of Emptiness 1

Let's clear this out of the way now: yes, this game is almost a wholesale imitator of God of War. OK, then. Let's move onSo like most games based on fourteenth century literature, Dante's Inferno takes many liberties with its source. For starters, Dante is now Crusader who fights off Death and steals his scythe. And he managed to talk Beatrice into getting it on with him by using the old "I'm shipping off to war tomorrow" trick. So promises are made, promises are broken and lo and behold, Dante ...

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Dark Void review 0

Bland. There isn't really much else needed to say about this game. Let's see, it's set in the 30's, has Nolan North playing Nathan Drake again, only this time he's called Will, and it's a rip off the The Rocketeer. I will admit that amidst the really dull visual style of the game, I am enjoying the character models. There's a slight Disney-by-way-of-Unreal Engine element to their features that gives them a hint of exageration, mainly in the eyes. But wait, that isn't the only bright spot. The mu...

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