My reindoctrination into gaming

Recently with the release of more AAA titles (red dead, starcraft 2, crackdown which might be sort of meh but i want it), I find myself looking back at my older titles more than I ever have before. I have a tendency, like most game players, to buy a game at release then fizzle out quickly soon after. Killlzone 2 is a fantastic example of this. I purchased it at release, played it for 2 days, and have let it sit until today, August 1. As I've gotten older I've been to feel more selfish about this lax procedure of buying games, only to never play them to completion. I spend all this money on the games, and never really give them the time they deserve, but I'll just run out and buy more, perpetuating the cycle. So I have decided that until I complete all of my games that have not been played entirely, no new ones shall be purchased. This includes: far cry 2, killzone 2, sin and punishment: star successor, fight night 4, just cause 2, banjo kazooie: nuts and bolts, super mario galaxy, metroid prime 3, muramasa, okami, medal of honor heroes 2, punchout, valkyria chronicles, little big planet, motorstorm: pacific rift, burnout paradise, and warhawk. Some good, some great, some eh, some unbeatable, but I feel all worth my time